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Asia Cup final

Liton Das comes out of nowhere, opens the innings, and gives Bangladesh a dream start by scoring a fantastic century. Then, the team crumbles. Das scored 121 while the rest of the team combined scored 94 runs! Their fans must have gone from jubilation to feeling utterly shocked at the miserable end result.

Now, once again, the Indian team has a simple and comfortable chase ahead. Bangladesh has to conjure up their most magical bowling performance to win from here.

Bangladesh reduce India to 167/5. They're fighting hard. 

India need 36 runs off 42 balls with 5 wickets in hand. Pressure!

Now, 9 runs off 12 with 4 wickets.

6 runs off 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. Damn. Bangladesh really pushed India.

Scores tied! 1 ball remaining!

The Bangladeshi guys have never won an Asia Cup. That didn't change today. One has to feel sorry for Liton Das. The man played the most amazing innings of his life but his team just couldn't capitalize. Though, they did manage to scare the crap out of one billion Indians.



Looking at the poor performance of Mohd Amir the only conclusion I have is that he is underage by 5 yrs. The age of all pakistani players are underreported. Every time there is a U19 world cup, it is hilarious to see all Pakistani players have DOB about 1-2 months after the cut off date :-)

Isaac Schrödinger

That's possible.

It's a strange reality for Pakistan to not have one fantastic bowler who can win games by himself. There's nobody with the brilliance of Akram, the talent of Younis, or even the raw firepower of Akhtar.

The fact that the Indian openers scored a cool 200+ runs against the "best" of what Pakistan has to offer is quite shocking. It's also surreal that India's match against Bangladesh was more engrossing.


My comments was due to the fact that Amir looked worn out (washed up as they say in US). Same may be true to Mohd Asif, who I thought was brilliant when he started in 2005.

I felt the same about Waqar Younis when he started in 1989 at Sharjah as a "17" yr old. One look at his stub and it was clear that he was around 22. Just like Kapil Dev who was supposedly 18 in 1978.

Isaac Schrödinger

Oh, I don't disagree. I was commenting more broadly on the whole team and how a truly fearsome bowler hasn't emerged from Pakistan in many years.


Pakistan has declined in every sport they were once good . Hockey, Cricket and Squash. I have been told that now a days they don't even have one squash player in top 100.
In Hockey they stopped playing world cup or champions because they failed to qualify.

In an unrelated news, around the same time, Pakistan started topping terrorism.

Isaac Schrödinger

That's where you're wrong.

Pakistan won the Cricket World Cup in 1992, the Hockey World Cup in 1994, the World Squash Championships from 1992-96, and the Pakistani-supported Taliban gained power in 1996.

Pakistanis were the kings of cricket, the lords of hockey, the rulers of squash, and the proud champions of terror all in a five-year period.

They declined in everything! ISIS took the terror crown.


Perhaps I was not clear. Me thinks that their decline in sports is partly due to misplaced priorities of the Pakistan. The youth of Pakistan is probably more interested in saving islam all over the world.

Isaac Schrödinger

"The youth of Pakistan is probably more interested in saving islam all over the world."

That's unfortunately true.

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