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No justice in Canada

Nothing screams progressive and enlightened like having lower standards for Black people:

An Ontario judge who is known for his heartfelt and eloquent written judgments has, for the second time, taken into account how racism may have factored into the actions of a black man found guilty of multiple gun offences, handing him a more lenient sentence.

He could've been a doctor!

Kevin Morris was 22 at the time of his arrest in 2014 when he ran from police officers, who were responding to a call about a home invasion in Scarborough and tried to stop him and three other black men. He was eventually caught and cops found a jacket he’d tried to get rid of with a loaded gun inside it.

This armed thug was robbing a home with his buddies. Remember that as you read this:

[...] These people speak of many good qualities. About the goodness of your heart,” wrote Naskaratu. “Your kindness. Your loyalty. Your selflessness. Your ability to connect with people. Your empathy.

Canadians must feel so lucky to know that this "good", "kind", "loyal", "selfless" son of a bitch is going to be free in one year to share his "empathy" with many more innocents. I'm sure this revolting judge will have nothing but concern and sympathy for the poor, little negroes when his family is at the business end of a gun while his home is stripped of wealth by another gang of future doctors.

Anyway, this whole story reminds me of Owen Stanley's The Missionaries.

Question: If it's acceptable to have lenient punishments for Blacks because OPPRESSION!, then doesn't it logically follow that Whites and Asians should get severe penalties because PRIVILEGE!? So, a rich Korean punk who breaks into a house with a loaded gun should get, like, a decade behind bars, right?

Asia Cup final

Liton Das comes out of nowhere, opens the innings, and gives Bangladesh a dream start by scoring a fantastic century. Then, the team crumbles. Das scored 121 while the rest of the team combined scored 94 runs! Their fans must have gone from jubilation to feeling utterly shocked at the miserable end result.

Now, once again, the Indian team has a simple and comfortable chase ahead. Bangladesh has to conjure up their most magical bowling performance to win from here.

Bangladesh reduce India to 167/5. They're fighting hard. 

India need 36 runs off 42 balls with 5 wickets in hand. Pressure!

Now, 9 runs off 12 with 4 wickets.

6 runs off 6 balls with 3 wickets in hand. Damn. Bangladesh really pushed India.

Scores tied! 1 ball remaining!

The Bangladeshi guys have never won an Asia Cup. That didn't change today. One has to feel sorry for Liton Das. The man played the most amazing innings of his life but his team just couldn't capitalize. Though, they did manage to scare the crap out of one billion Indians.

Halaal pig

The leader of a reclusive Muslim sect has claimed his violent enemies planted severed pig heads at the gates to his 'religious site' after he made headlines for refusing to abide by Australian construction laws.

Dr Mustapha Kara-Ali became embroiled in a bitter feud with Hawkesbury Council after it launched civil action against him and his brother Diaa Kara-Ali for carrying out illegal land clearing and earthworks.

The Aussies are learning the hard way that Muslims don't care about their haraam laws.

Chaos and corruption

Steve Rixon gets a mild case of cultural enrichment from the Pakis:

Former Pakistan fielding coach Steve Rixon accused the PCB of "disrespect and stupidity", and said he had "not once" been paid on time. Rixon said that was the reason he quit his post after two years, deciding he "didn't need it that much", and opted to walk out than have to deal with what he believed to be a lack of professionalism on his employer's part.

Stupidity is the correct word to describe this behavior. Most sensible cricket teams don't tour Pakistan because of the constant threat of Islamic terrorism. On top of that, we've got these corrupt clowns who think they can fuck over a gora kafir and somehow replace him with another talented White guy without any consequences.

Refusing to point the finger directly at anyone, Rixon said the PCB needed to learn to treat overseas staff well. He pointed to the fact that the PCB's conduct had put off Darren Berry from replacing Rixon as Pakistan's fielding coach - the PCB's clear first choice - and forgoing the services of such professionals was "stupidity".

Did the PCB apologize and promise to do better? Of course not.

"The PCB is disappointed by the baseless allegations made by former fielding coach Steve Rixon in a recent interview," the statement read. "The PCB spokesman wishes to clarify that the Board has enjoyed cordial relations with all current and former foreign staff attached with national teams.

ODI no. 4047

Why was Shadab Khan sent in at 4-down? He consumed 24 balls, scored 4 runs, and got out. Anyway, as long as Inzi's tenacious nephew survives, Pakistan will win.

18 overs left. 120 runs to win for Pakistan. Required run rate? 6.66.

Imam out for a not-enough 83. Bangladesh will win from here. If they do so, then this will become the first time that both Pakistan and Sri Lanka got knocked out of the tournament before making the finals of an ODI Asia Cup. In each of the previous 12 finals, one of these teams always made it.

Afghanistan and Bangladesh caused quite a few upsets.

India will demolish Bangladesh on Friday to win the final game.

ODI no. 4046

There was little chance of Afghanistan winning against India. The Afghanis made sure that India didn't win either. It's a tie! India rested their best players and the Afghanis fought till the end and managed to bowl out the entire Indian team. Minus the Indian openers, the rest of the players simply didn't hang around; worse their strike rates were too low. 

Afghanistan deserves a lot of credit. They consistently put runs on the board (min: 249 and max: 257) and pushed their opposition in all five games of the tournament. They have certainly made the case for playing the stronger ODI teams in the world. Perhaps, ahem, Sri Lanka can offer them a tour.

That famously moderate Islam

Lawyer and activist Siti Kasim has called on Education Minister Maszlee Malik to explain an Islamic Studies examination question for Form Five students on permissible ways to “hit a disobedient wife.”

Welcome to Islam, you dumb girl.

The question, which Malaysiakini has sighted, presents a flowchart with the title “Ways to hit a nusyuz (disobedient) wife”.

The chart states two such ways – “Not too overboard that it would cause injury” and “Not on sensitive areas,” and requires students to fill in the third permissible way.

Clean cast iron to the back of the head? Just a guess.

“If they really want to teach (this), teach all other interpretations too. Let them decide which is best in Islam in accordance to the Quran, which is all about mercy and compassion,” she told Malaysiakini.

Pray tell, what are the other "interpretations" about beating a wife?

Bullshit statistics

John R. Lott:

A paper on mass public shootings by Adam Lankford (2016) has received massive national and international media attention, getting coverage in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, plus hundreds of other news outlets spanning at least 35 different countries. Lankford’s claim was that over the 47 years from 1966 to 2012, an enormous amount of the world’s mass public shooters -- 31% -- occurred in the United States. Lankford attributed this to America’s gun ownership.

It's so strange how the rest of the world just can't wait to migrate to such a horrible, brutal, and lethal country. Of course, the paper is utterly false but it makes the US look bad, so it's good!

Even when we use coding choices that are most charitable to Lankford, his 31 percent estimate of the US’s share of world mass public shooters is cut by over 95 percent. By our count, the US makes up less than 1.43% of the mass public shooters, 2.11% of their murders, and 2.88% of their attacks. All these are much less than the US’s 4.6% share of the world population. Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than in other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.

It's certainly true that in the past few decades the US has had more shootings than other Western nations. However, the argument that the US is, on average, more deadly than the violent shitholes of the world is absolutely laughable.

Given the massive U.S. and international media attention Lankford’s work has received, and given the considerable impact his research has had on the debate, it is critical that this issue be resolved. His unwillingness to provide even the most basic information to other researchers raises real concerns about Lankford’s motives.

India crush Pakistan

ODI no. 4044 ends with India posting their highest 1st-wicket partnership against Pakistan -- an absolutely epic 210 runs. It's funny that the one Indian wicket to fall was because of an error in judgment by an Indian batsman. So, the Pakistani bowlers didn't even get a single wicket! The Pakis were bad in every department: batting, bowling, and fielding.

If the other matches go as expected, then we'll see an India vs. Pakistan final at the same ground in five days. India will definitely have the psychological edge.

0- Number of times India had defeated Pakistan by nine or more wickets before this game. This nine-wicket win is their biggest in terms of wickets against their arch-rivals.

Yup. I can't remember the last time Pakistan got destroyed so badly by India ... because this is their worst defeat.

Canadian Bullshit Corporation

Bare Naked Islam:

CBC, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, described the suspects of armed robberies as “26-year-old from Brampton” and “25-year-old from Toronto,” ignoring the information provided by the Peel Police who identified the suspects by their names “Aynla Mustafa Hassan” and “Mossab Abdelrahim.

Every time a suspect in a horrible crime is not identified, you can be sure that he's a) colored, and likely, b) Muslim. The Narrative about poor coloreds or Muslims being victims of evil Whites can't be tarnished.

Those Crazy Asian White Supremacists

The Left abuses the tolerance, trust, and kindness of Canadians and utilizes White guilt to import more coloreds and rapefugees into the country. That strategy definitely doesn't work with the Chinese.

Muslims have been touting their numbers and tearing Western Civilization because of soft populations and traitorous political elites. Considering their low-IQ and lack of historical knowledge, the Muslims are likely crazy enough to start targeting the largest ethnic group in the universe. This won't end well for Muslims.

ODI no. 4043 - Fight!

Afghanistan dragged the Pakistani batsmen all the way to the last over of the innings. They just couldn't get Malik out who methodically won the game for Pakistan. His wicket would have been crucial since he has been playing the game for almost two decades! Malik used to play the 1-down position but nowadays his experience is more valuable in the lower order.

Afghanistan deserves a lot of credit. They played the most competitive match of the tournament. Hopefully, the India vs. Pakistan final will be even better.

Thanks Trudeau!

Horrible, racist Canadians are upset with the enlightened and angelic refugees:

Via Lovekraft, one of the most grimly humorous news stories I’ve read recently: GoodWhite hotel guests get an up-close and personal education in the reality of living proximately with foreign rapefugees.

Here's one review from a hotel in Toronto with refugees.

“I will start with the worst thing that happened, we were on a packed elevator shoulder to shoulder with people. There were two mid teen residents of the hotel there. They were constantly staring at my 7 year old daughter and her friend who was 6. They looked them up and down and then turned to each other and said something. They then turned to my daughter and said you look very good, very pretty girl here (oh did I mention she was in her bathing suit). Completely unacceptable conduct. Encounters like these continued to the point I kept the girls in the room.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. These Canadians should be more tolerant of the bacha baazi and taharrush culture of the rapefugees new doctors and engineers. Canadians should understand that girls without burqas are deserving of rape. This is the New Canada. Diversity is Death Strength.

Had I known I’d be paying over $200 a night to stay in a refugee camp I may have stayed elsewhere. Crying kids, broken elevators, everything was dirty. I feel sorry for the staff that have to work there. Our tax dollars are being spent to house these refugees in hotels. They seemed so ungrateful and walked around like they owned the place with no courtesy for paying guests. Are these the future doctors and engineers our PM told us about or future welfare recipients? This is a textbook case of “import the third world, become the third world”, because this hotel has gone downhill so fast since my last stay.

Tilray mania ends?

Tilray was driving almost the entire cannabis space in the past few days. Tilray goes up, most other marijuana stocks follow. When Tilray drops, the rest do as well. Today, this correlation broke down with each passing hour. At the close, Tilray was down 17.62% while Canopy Growth was up 6.29%.

Tilray has roughly $25 million in cash. Canopy will be getting $5.1 billion next month. There will be a lot of tears for those who're holding Tilray.


That would be Rashid Khan who on his 20th birthday destroyed the Bangladeshi cricket team. He scored a stunning 32-ball 57 and then had the best bowling figures: 9 overs, 3 maidens, 2 wickets.

Afghanistan is looking very dangerous. (Apparently, it's not just the US that has trouble beating them.) They already knocked out the team that has won the most Asia Cups five days ago. Today, the tiny tigers got a thrashing. It would be so hilarious if the Afghanis end up winning the tournament. At the very least, the next few matches will be very competitive.

Alt-Hero: Q

ARKHAVEN COMICS is the revolutionary comics publisher that is upending the industry and making comics great again. Since the unprecedented success of its original Alt★Hero campaign less than one year ago, Arkhaven has published 22 comic books and graphic novels.

Alt★Hero: Q is an incendiary 150-page graphic novel in six parts that explores the mysterious phenomenon of QAnon. The story is written by the legendary Chuck Dixon, who is backed by a first-rate professional art-and-production team.

One week left for the campaign. I'll be getting one or two of the perks next week to give the campaign a last day push. If you're interested in non-SJW comics, then this is definitely worth supporting.

A to Z

Jeff Bezos started Amazon 24 years ago. The company nearly went bankrupt after the dot com crash. It's stock price was at $5 in late 2001. Bezos borrowed billions to keep his company alive. He sold a couple of million shares to raise money for his business enterprises.

Today, Amazon stock price hovers around $2,000. Bezos is the richest man alive. The company employs over half a million workers. Recently, Bezos decided to donate $2 billion to charity. This is the response he got from one economics professor.

Bezos owns roughly 17% of Amazon stock. Does this mean that the employees of Amazon have a say in how the millions of other people (who collectively own $830 billion) get to use their Amazon-generated wealth? Of course, not. That would be fucking absurd. Why would anyone even invest in a business when the resulting capital gains are subject to the whims of idiots?

Also, it's funny, how the employees are never subject to the massive downside when a business is failing. What's the worst outcome for an employee? Lose the job; find another job. What's the worst outcome for the employer? Lose the job plus lose millions or billions of dollars in wealth. Good luck starting another business.

Also, this credentialed clown has neither the genius nor the personality to manage a lemonade stand. He can't generate shit. Yet, he'll point at the success stories of our age and yell, "You're doing it wrong!"

Tilray mania

Tilray is a licensed producer of marijuana in British Columbia, Canada. It was the very first cannabis producer to have an IPO on the NASDAQ three months ago. The price was at $17 per share. Yesterday, it closed at almost $155 which made it the largest cannabis company on Earth with respect to market capitalization. The CEO went on a TV show and said that one day Tilray will be a $100 billion company which translates to a rough share price of $1,000. 

That was a very dumb move. This is likely how it played out today:

  • an epic short squeeze
  • sly speculators jump in
  • also, attracting noobs with a FOMO mentality
  • speculators flip shares
  • noobs become bag holders

Today, in only 52 minutes, Tilray's share price went from $300 to $151. Then, in 6 minutes, it spiked to $217. NASDAQ had to halt Tilray four times because of its crazy crashes and spikes. Tilray might well be a good long term investment but right now it's one spectacular bubble.

Prediction: Before the end of October, Tilray won't be the #1 cannabis company with respect to market cap. Canopy Growth Corporation will have regained the crown.

ODI no. 4040 - Lame surrender

The Indians couldn't get the "Hong Kong" batsmen out for 34 overs yesterday. Today, the similar bowling ripped through the Pakistani team in 43 overs. The Indians conceded an impressively low total of 162 runs. Now, they are 91/1 with 37 (!) overs remaining. This will be a steady, low-risk, demolition of Pakistan. It'll be a shocking miracle for Pakistan if India lose this one.

It's kind of sad for the spectators who bought expensive tickets to sit in the Arabian heat only to watch a boring match. Anyway, the same teams will likely meet again in the final of the tournament. Undefeated India vs. Hungry Pakistan. That should be a better contest.

Read this funny bit in the Cricinfo commentary:

Shahrukh: "Listen, I have been watching Pakistan play since before I could walk. I could tell by their faces during the national anthems they were in no mood to put in a performance for this game. We dont waste energy on inconsequential games so Relax! When the stakes are higher, then the Real Pakistan will turn up, and you all will know it. Good night!"

I've to say that there's some truth to that. It's the exact opposite of the Aussies who show up in a murderous mood in every tournament game. No wonder that they have won 4 out of the last 5 world cups.

Make Italy Great Again

The European country with the highest average I.Q. has had enough:

"In Italy we feel the need to help our sons to become parents and not the need to acquire new slaves to replace those babies we're no longer making."

-- Matteo Salvini, deputy prime minister of Italy. Salvini triggered the cunt from Luxembourg.

ODI no. 4039

Hong Kong played Pakistan two days ago. The Pakis got them all out for 116 in 37.1 overs. Today, Hong Kong is playing India. Somehow, they managed to score 174 runs without losing a single wicket!

We'll find out just how weak India's bowling is when they face Pakistan tomorrow.

The "Hong Kong" team manages to survive the entire 50 overs and scores 259 runs. They lose by 26 runs. The fact that noobs scored 91% of the runs of the second-best team in the world is quite impressive. At the very least they scared India for 34 overs. On the basis of this performance, India is going to have a very tough time in 15 hours.

Deplorable Dregs

Majorities in 30 out of 50 states voted for The God Emperor two years ago. Surely, calling these Americans horrible names will convince them to change their minds.

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden assailed President Trump’s supporters during a speech Saturday at the annual Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington, lamenting that “virulent people” and the “dregs of society” still had a friend in the White House.

Trumpslide 2020!

"Adelaide" woman

A 23-year-old Adelaide woman has been found guilty of being a member of Islamic State in South Australia's Supreme Court.

Of course, with a name like Zainab Abdirahman-Khalif, she's definitely an Aussie.

The police found a lot on her phone.

The court heard 378 audio files associated with IS were found on her phone, along with 125 videos from an IS media organisation, 62 of which contained extremist material including vision of buildings being blown up, captives being executed and dead bodies on the ground.

Her defense for those ISIS audio and video files is amusing.

The court heard she did not know how videos of beheadings got on her mobile phone but she did not believe beheadings and murders carried out by IS was "the appropriate way of Islam".

Can't fault her for being correct.

Coffee today, acid tomorrow

The Muslim bitch doesn't even bother with running. She slowly and calmly walks away. Welcome to the modern multicultural Canada where infidels are openly assaulted with no fear of retribution.

Fake news + diversity + tech

I've been buying components and building my computers for the last fifteen years. Today, it's very easy for a novice to start the same process because there are amazing YouTubers who share their awesome computer builds. In just a few hours, one can go out, buy the exact same components, and follow along with a video to assemble a new, powerful PC.

For example, take a look at this beautiful build by JayzTwoCents.

Now, let's see what happens when an idiotic, SJW organization hires an ignorant colored clown to build a PC, records the whole thing, and then shares it with the world:

OMG, how progressive and so-not-racist of The Verge to have a Black guy building a PC. So what if he doesn't have a fucking clue about what he's doing. Merit is, like, so racisss!

Here's my breakdown of the ignorance and stupidity in that video:

00:35 Tweezers? (Laughs.)

00:37 A Swiss army knife! There's a global shortage of Phillips screwdrivers.

00:40 Anti-static bracelet? It's magical! He bought it at Saruman's gift shop.

02:47 The brace!? That's not what it's called.

03:05 He installed the motherboard in the case at the very beginning! This is going to make it more difficult to put the CPU, RAM, and the NVMe SSD in the motherboard later. Order matters! By the way, doesn't your CPU cooler require a back plate? How will you attach that when you've already screwed in the motherboard in the chassis? The magic of editing will take care of that.

03:26 2666 MHz is not "fast" for RAM.

04:34 Did you just install both your RAM sticks right next to each other? That's not how dual channel works. I wouldn't be surprised if the computer doesn't even boot with that setup.

04:39 The graphics card goes in the fastest lane. Period.

05:08 Your power supply is overkill. 600-650 watts would have been enough.

05:19 Insulating pads!? Short circuit what!? (Laughs.) Also, let's place the power supply in the case so that the fan is not facing the outside. Give this man a Nobel!

06:18 "Every power supply is going to come with big bag of velcro cables." False.

07:15 Exposed CPU holder, er, slot. The entertainment is off the charts!

07:22 CPU applicator ... WTF? Just match the triangles and just drop the CPU in the socket.

08:12 This bozo provides false information regarding thermal paste. The thermal paste on the AIO CPU cooler is enough. However, if you're not happy with that, then REMOVE that paste before you apply your own on the CPU. He doesn't remove the thermal paste from the cooler and he goes ape shit with the thermal paste on the CPU. This will create air bubbles between the CPU and the CPU cooler. This will make the CPU run hotter. This is the bloody opposite of what one wants!

09:05 Does the term cable management mean anything to you?

Here's an image of the final build:

Shit show

The CPU cooler is missing a screw on the lower left! It's like showcasing a table that only has three legs. Also, for some strange reason, The Verge has disabled comments and we can't see the numbers of likes and dislikes on this epic disaster gaming PC build. Sad!