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Do the ooga booga

There will be war

The 35-year-old German-Cuban man was killed and two others were left needing hospital treatment after what police described as a dispute between "several people of various nationalities" on Sunday.

Police have arrested a 22-year-old Iraqi man and a 23-year-old Syrian man in connection with the death, according to Leipzig's LVZ news site.

It was surreal to watch how millions of Muslims invaded Europe in the recent past. Of all the countries in the world to fuck with, they largely targeted Germany. These vicious, inbred and ignorant clowns didn't bother with learning the history of the previous century. Germans are not exactly known for their kindness towards minorities.

The West is good at innovation, music, art, technology, civilization, etc. Soon, the Muslims will realize that the West is also very good at killing bothersome people.

It prompted about 800 people to demonstrate in Chemnitz, a city in which the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) received nearly a quarter of the vote last year.

Hundreds of supporters of PEGIDA, a German nationalist anti-Islam and anti-immigration group gathered for another demonstration on Monday evening, with riot police called to separate the crowds.


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