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The Wicked Left

Anyone who thinks the CBC does not serve conservative-leaning Canadians should look at the comments for a recent online story about inheritance taxes.

The article was based on a report about the wide gulf between rich and poor issued by the left-leaning Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives think-tank. The report suggested the lack of an inheritance tax in this country makes inequality worse.

This is a bizarre characterization of the network: The CBC is leaning Right because it allows comments by conservatives on a story which used a study by a Left-leaning think tank!?

Later, we get this info:

As the article reminds us, half off all Canadian families have net assets worth less than $300,000. Even the relatively well-off, with say, a paid-off home in Vancouver and a million dollar retirement nest egg, won't pass the $5-million threshold.

So why the backlash? According to research in the U.S. by scholar Dianna Muntz, the main cause of conservative anger that fired up working-class supporters of Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election was status threat.

Canadians don't want a death tax because ... Trump? Oh, the best part:

When people feel threatened by change, he [Frank Graves] says, they don't necessarily look for logical solutions such as income redistribution from the very rich to people like them. Instead, the part of the collective personality that seeks strong leadership and order comes out.

(Laughs.) You see, stealing money from "the rich" to give to the poor is logical. It's reasonable. It's sensible. It's so progressive. Instead, White people oppose that and vote for fascists strong leaders like Donald Trump and Doug Ford who don't want to punish the rich. Apparently, those governments that do rob "the rich" are soft and sensitive.

It's heartening to see the gulf between these wicked Leftists and the average Canadian who must be horrified with how casually Frank Graves mentioned using the threat of force to seize money from those who have largely earned it. Remember these eeevil rich people have paid taxes on their income:

  • Income tax
  • Property tax
  • Sales tax

These people have paid millions and millions of dollars in taxes over their life. Their money has been taxed multiple times. Now, on top of all that, the Leftists want to throw in a 40-50% death tax. Fuck off!


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