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The prime minister of trash-can-istan speaks

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said that the absence of an international policy against the generation of blasphemous content is a "collective failure" on part of the Muslim countries.

Yeah, the biggest problem with Islamic countries is that they haven't destroyed freedom of speech in infidel nations.

"Our government will raise the matter in the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and ask the Muslim countries to come up with a collective policy that could then be brought up at international forums."

"This should have been done years ago," PM Khan said while giving the example of the Holocaust and how four European countries have jail sentences for "anyone who misquotes the figures of Holocaust. That is because they realise that this is something that hurts the sentiments of the Jewish community."

"We need a similar policy for this matter so that people do not repeatedly hurt our sentiments."

1. That's rich. The prime minister of Pakistan uses Jews as an example while his country doesn't even recognize the Jewish state. Israeli passport holders can't enter Pakistan.

2. Diversity is death. If Jews get certain speech banned, then other religious groups can also censor speech. Welcome Big Brother!

3. The proper response is to repeal the ridiculous holocaust denial laws.


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