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The King of Cannabis

The life of Bruce Linton, the CEO of the largest cannabis firm in the world:

Long before he launched the medical marijuana company now known as Canopy Growth, Bruce Linton took at least 16 business trips to India. Most times, he planned to visit the Taj Mahal mausoleum in Agra, one of that country’s most famous tourist sites.

“I never got there,” he said. “Business,” he said somewhat ruefully by way of explanation.

A few stunning details about the firm:

Linton, who owns about 2.7 million shares, recalls the day Canopy Growth first began trading on the TSX Venture exchange four years ago at less than $3 per share. There were a lot fewer shares at the time, so the firm was valued at just $91 million.

“What did we have back then?” Linton asks rhetorically. “A building with three rooms in it and a big plan.”

So, yes, the value of Canopy has exploded 100 to one.

Incredible. Those who didn't invest in it at that stage, sorely regret the missed opportunity and those who did invest in it, deeply regret not investing enough!

Canopy Growth now controls 21 subsidiaries and has invested in 13 affiliates. This encompasses a wide range of activity, from production to research into new uses for marijuana’s active ingredients.

Cannabis products are going to have explosive growth in the next few years. Canopy is, no question, the global leader. The rest of the companies have to fight over the second position. Let's see which of them gets the attention of Big Pharma or a CPG giant.


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