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Daily Mail: EXCLUSIVE - 'They spat at me and pulled my hair. I feared I'd be raped': Mother jailed in Dubai with daughter, four, for drinking one glass of wine on Emirates flight says she'll NEVER go back to the UAE.

'The last four weeks have been hell for me and my family,' she told MailOnline. 'I left to go on a holiday with my youngest daughter to a country I loved visiting and ended up in jail.

Welcome to Dubai, you dumb infidel!

At Dubai International airport, she handed over her Iranian passport at the immigration desk. The officer's computer told him that her visa had already been used two months earlier, which Ellie acknowledges was her mistake.

He advised Ellie to get a transit visa, which would allow her to stay in the country for the duration of her five-day trip.

But then a different immigration officer took one look at her Iranian passport and told her: 'You get a ticket and go on a flight home.'

Oh my goodness! That's, like, so racist! When will the Arabs reject intolerance, bigotry, and xenophobia?

Anyway, an anti-Persian immigration officer goes all Hitler on a poor woman and accuses her of being drunk and then puts her in jail for a few days. When the UK media spread the ridiculous story, the Dubai officials politely deport her to avoid any further PR heat.


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