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Tehreem Azeem on the lovely blasphemy laws in Pakistan:

Pakistan’s blasphemy law has claimed the life of another innocent victim. Qutab Rind, a young artist from Jacobabad who was employed at the National College of Arts in Lahore, was killed by his landlord on July 17 over fake blasphemy charges.

Implying that if he had committed blasphemy, then his killing would be justified.

The controversial blasphemy law of Pakistan has been grossly abused with many people lodging false cases to settle personal scores. In Pakistan alleging that someone has committed blasphemy is a sensitive and risky matter, in many cases it ends in a mob lynching before the accused can be tried in a court of law.

Nearly 70 people had been lynched to death in Pakistan on blasphemy charges whereas another 40 are currently on death row or serving life sentence for blasphemy charges in Pakistan since 1990.

Muslims support this law by a huge margin. That's why the recent prime minister was explicitly in favor of it.

Former cricketer and politician Imran Khan, whose party won the recent general elections, is soon going to take charge as the next prime minister of Pakistan. During his election campaign, Khan vowed to defend the blasphemy law.

Of course. When Imran Khan was young, he was living it up in England surrounded by booze and babes. Now, he's a pious Muslim who'll bend to the evils of Islam to gain power.


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