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It's time for a vagina

A serious case of the Insufficient Vaginas Problem in the city of Hamilton:

In the 2011 federal election 25 per cent of women were elected, compared to the 2015 election when 26 per cent of women or 88 females, were elected MPs.

Yet, women compose over 52 per cent of Canada’s population. Equal Voice, a “multi-partisan” organization dedicated to electing more women to political office, states that women compose 29 per cent of Canadian provincial MPPs and 26 per cent of MPs, still a lower number of women elected in most of Europe, parts of Africa and Australia.


This year there are two women – Nathalie Xian Yi Yan, who has previously run for council seats over the years and Ute Schmid-Jones, who has run in the federal election as a Green Party candidate – campaigning for mayor.

[...] “It is said academically that females have many advantages and strengths that are better than men,” she [Yi Yan] said. “But eventually I believe the passion for the city and someone who really cares is a major thing. I love the people.”

Strange how those "advantages and strengths" don't translate to innovation and wealth in real life.

The best part is this comment by a fellow named John:

More femin-Nazi BS ... women know better ... they gave the USA Prohibition. They go power hungry every time. Merkel is killing Germany. The only woman that turned out well was Thatcher but there are NO Canadian Thatchers...all the women in this article are left to far left to far far left wannabe tyrants...won't be getting my vote


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