Why won't they behave!?
So disrespectful to wahmen

The Horrible Doug Ford

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government had barely been in power for an hour Friday before it was under attack about the perceived lack of diversity in its cabinet.

Twenty cabinet ministers have been announced. 95% White. It's a severe case of the Too Many Whites Problem.

But while the cabinet drew praise for enlisting members with considerable public and private sector experience, critics also noted the fact that only seven women and one visible minority currently have a seat on the front benches.

One colored member of the opposition chimes in:

Newly elected New Democrat Sarah Singh, whose party now forms the official Opposition in the legislature, said the image of the predominantly male, white cabinet sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the Ford administration.

Apparently, a provincial leader in modern Canada has to select a cabinet which is filled with colored vaginas to send a morale boost to the public. Or, in other words, the diversity doesn't like White, male politicians. Funny, how this sexist, identity politics is considered acceptable when only "visible minorities" play the game.

Try to imagine the OUTRAGE! if a female, White politician in Europe said this about Obama ten years ago: The image of a male, Black POTUS sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the leader of the free world.

Anyway, the comments at the article are pretty good. Many Canadians simply don't give a shit about the proper number of vaginas or coloreds.


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