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The battle of the narratives

What's the truth about the Toronto terrorist?

While we still know very little about the motive of the shooter, two distinct media narratives have emerged.

One comes from the CBC and other leftist outlets: That Hussain was “severely mentally ill” and not responsible for his deranged actions; and another, from media outlets who take a realist approach: That Hussain had gang ties, was a highly skilled gunman, was perhaps interested in ISIS and was known to police.

Each of these narratives comes from in-depth reporting, but each relies on a number of unverified accounts.

It's strange how so many of these "mentally ill" murderers end up being Muslim.

Then we have the account of a businessman, a Mr. Singh, who bumped into the gunman on the Danforth moments before his massacre. Hussain told Singh, “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” leading Singh to speculate he may have been spared because “I also have brown skin.”

Was Hussain’s killing spree a hate crime? Was it terror or terror-inspired? Or was it a psychotic episode?

Or was he inspired by his stunningly peaceful religion?


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