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Sleeping with ISIS

As if marrying a Muslim wasn't bad enough, this woman had four kids with him and then took them to a war zone.

The story of an American woman who lived under ISIS rule for more than two years with her four children has a new twist: she’s reportedly been charged in a sealed indictment and will be returned to the United States from a Kurdish detention camp.

In March, in her first interview, Samantha El Hassani told FRONTLINE and the BBC that her husband Moussa, a Moroccan national, tricked her into traveling to the so called Islamic State. She said he took her and her two children at the time on a vacation in Turkey in 2015, and then forced them over the border into Syria.

What a staggeringly stupid woman.

During her interview, El Hassani told FRONTLINE and the BBC that her life under ISIS was harrowing. She said she tried to escape, but was captured and tortured on suspicion of being a spy. She said her husband repeatedly raped two Yazidi girls who were kept as slaves in their home. Her eldest son — whose real name is Matthew — was forced to appear in an ISIS propaganda video. Her husband, who was an ISIS sniper, was killed fighting for the terror group. Once he was dead, El Hassani fled with her children and the Yazidi girls, where they were ultimately picked up by Kurdish authorities.


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