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The Horrible Doug Ford

Ontario’s Progressive Conservative government had barely been in power for an hour Friday before it was under attack about the perceived lack of diversity in its cabinet.

Twenty cabinet ministers have been announced. 95% White. It's a severe case of the Too Many Whites Problem.

But while the cabinet drew praise for enlisting members with considerable public and private sector experience, critics also noted the fact that only seven women and one visible minority currently have a seat on the front benches.

One colored member of the opposition chimes in:

Newly elected New Democrat Sarah Singh, whose party now forms the official Opposition in the legislature, said the image of the predominantly male, white cabinet sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the Ford administration.

Apparently, a provincial leader in modern Canada has to select a cabinet which is filled with colored vaginas to send a morale boost to the public. Or, in other words, the diversity doesn't like White, male politicians. Funny, how this sexist, identity politics is considered acceptable when only "visible minorities" play the game.

Try to imagine the OUTRAGE! if a female, White politician in Europe said this about Obama ten years ago: The image of a male, Black POTUS sends a disheartening message for those hoping to feel supported by the leader of the free world.

Anyway, the comments at the article are pretty good. Many Canadians simply don't give a shit about the proper number of vaginas or coloreds.

Why won't they behave!?

Lots of sexual emergencies in Denmark.

A recent study, by newspaper BT, reveals that 10 in 12 rapes committed in Denmark are by migrants, or their descendants. The review was based on sentencing reports between January 2016 and May 2017 and the figures have increased.

The political elite is vexed. Very vexed.

Inger Støjberg, the Integration and Immigration Minister said:

“It’s completely horrible. And that says something wrong with some of the immigrant communities in Denmark. It’s something we’ve seen through many years that crime rates are much higher in immigrant circles than it is among Danes. And when I see these very rough rapes – including assault violence – it’s a clear sign that you have not integrated.”

Maybe, inviting millions of such diverse, rape-loving peoples was a bad idea. 


ISIS welcome!

Canada has a super-inclusive immigration system. Were you a slave? Did you own a few slaves? You're both welcome!

She has been living in London, Ont., for eight months. Recently, on a bus, she recognized X — the slave-market boss who had owned her and used her for months. They got off at the same stop. X saw her, covered his face and ran off.

Nada went to the refugee centre and told them the man’s real name and his ISIL name. The official there responded that she was too traumatized to be sure of what she saw. And then that person reportedly told her, “Don’t tell anyone.”

The best way to fight evil is to simply ignore it.

I will be happy to share this man’s identity with any immigration official who asks for it. Maybe he’s the only ISIL member who slipped through Canada’s vetting net, or maybe he’s one of a hundred...

I wouldn't be surprised if there are thousands. Worse, they can freely travel around the globe if they have a Canadian passport. This will allow them to execute an attack in, let's say, France and then hop on a flight to outside Europe. This criminally lax attitude of the Canadian Liberals towards ISIS is dangerous for all Western countries.

Cultural suicide

This is what happens when you put your head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge the enemy:

In a bid to rid the Scandinavian country of dozens of "extra vulnerable areas" (which is a bureaucratic euphemism for ghettos), the Swedish government plans to invest a whopping SEK 19 billion ($2 billion) in measures to "reduce and counter segregation."

Muslims loath infidels since their minds are poisoned from birth. They want to annihilate the filthy non-Islamic ways of disgusting Europeans. Self-segregating into ghettos and imposing their non-Western ways in neighborhoods is a clear indication that Muslims have no intention of following infidel laws.

Giving money to your deeply hostile enemy won't improve the situation.

That liberal UAE

An amateur singer went on trial in Abu Dhabi accused of posting a blasphemous video on Instagram.

Public prosecutors in Abu Dhabi referred the Filipina woman to the Criminal Court of First Instance after cybercrime officials spotted the video that was deemed insulting to Islam.

What did she do that was so awful?

The video, which was posted on Instagram by the singer, showed her singing and pointing her left hand to a mosque that is visible in the backgrounds according to prosecutors.

She pointed at a mosque while singing.

Immigration is War

Europe imported millions of Muslims in the past few years. Eventually, these "New Europeans" will bring their brothers, sisters, wives, children, and cousins to suck dry the generous welfare states. Will they defend Europeans? Will they add to the system? Of course not. They'll bring death and carnage to the infidels. They'll demand sharia. They'll want to turn White countries into the same shitholes as Islamic lands.

War is guaranteed. The only question is: How many will die?

The niggers had done nothing wrong

A magistrate defending his family against an armed gang who stormed his home ended up being arrested himself – and accused of a racially aggravated assault.

Police detained Nigel Stringer for three hours and he remains under investigation while the gang – believed to have been armed with a gun, knives, metal bars and a crossbow – were allowed to leave.

Of course. This racist magistrate should have allowed the diversity to mutilate and rape culturally enrich his wife and steal borrow his stuff like a progressive White man.

He said police were uninterested in the injuries he suffered and told him the gang had simply entered his garden as civil trespassers and 'done nothing wrong'. Mr Stringer said he later discovered a discarded metal bar and three knives.

The political elite and the police have no interest in protecting the interests or lives of White people in England. The majority should comprehend this and act accordingly.