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Mass shooting in Toronto

The largest city in Canada gets culturally enriched:

The targets were random, but last night's mass shooting along Toronto's Danforth Ave. was clearly planned and deliberate.

Shortly after 10 p.m., the gunman picked his way along the still-busy street of bars and restaurants, firing as he went. The first victim was sitting in a parkette. The next ones were finishing up a late-evening birthday dinner. Some were shot while they crossed the road. Others came face-to-face with the calm man with the handgun and were spared.

It's still not clear how many bullets were fired. Some witnesses say they saw the man reload at least once. But by the time the shooter completed his five-block stroll, two people were dead -- an 18-year-old woman and a 10-year-old girl -- and 13 more were wounded.

Surely this has nothing to do with that super peaceful Religion That Must Not Be Named?

Faisal Hussain has been identified as the gunman in the deadly Danforth Avenue shooting rampage.

Ontario's Special Investigations Unit (SIU) released Hussain's identity on Monday evening, hours after he opened fire on a number of Danforth Avenue restaurants, killing two people and injuring 13 more.

A Muslim goes on a shooting rampage and murders people? Shocking!

Hussain's family issued an email statement to CBC Toronto saying they are devastated by what happened and suggested that their son was struggling with severe mental health challenges, including psychosis and depression.

It wouldn't be surprising to find out that the parents are cousins.

But we all know what's really to blame. Evil guns!


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