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Lovely halaal beatings

I couldn't help but laugh at this response:

Yeah, sure, that Muhammad down the street hits or slaps his wife but, like, it only happens in private. So, it's okay. Duh.

This is how Muslims look at violent assaults in the family. Oh, it's a private matter. This attitude is the same for kids -- both in homes and in schools.

British society is learning that cruel, vicious assaults is the best way to learn about The Religion of Peace.

An imam who used “Dickensian”-style teaching methods at a mosque has been jailed for more than 100 attacks on young boys.

Abdul Rauf, 51, slapped, pushed or kicked the boys aged as young as nine while teaching them the Koran at a mosque in Rochdale, Greater Manchester.

The children were too scared to complain of their beatings and the offending was not revealed until one victim told a teacher at his school that he and another boy had been assaulted at the Dar-Ul-Munawar Ghamkol Sharif mosque.

Some of you might ask: Why wouldn't the kids tell their parents? Oh, they know. Beatings are normal when it comes to learning the Quran. How else can you cram a dictionary's worth of an alien language into the mind of a young, unwilling skull?


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