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Losing power hurts

News has leaked that the province of Ontario will make an announcement on Tuesday about allowing private retail of marijuana upon recreational legalization on October 17. The president of the Ontario Public Service Employees Union is a little vexed:

"What on earth are they smoking at Queen's Park?" Thomas asked. "This would be a bonanza for organized crime. They could legitimately get licences to distribute cannabis – and get very wealthy doing it. Does the Premier's definition of 'little guy' include mobsters and other criminals?"

Wow. It's like someone took candy from a baby.

[...] the LCBO has a proven track record of keeping alcohol away from vulnerable individuals. Staff get extensive and ongoing training on regulating sales – with a clear priority placed on safety and responsibility. "Each year, hundreds of thousands of customers are refused service. That means uncounted lives saved and tragedy averted," Thomas said. "That level of responsibility simply can't be enforced in thousands of private dispensaries."

This clown thinks that multi-billion dollar corporations will jeopardize their retail licenses and their global image by trying to make a few bucks by selling to underage customers. It's a good thing that this unhinged hack is kept away from this new industry.


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