Faisal Hussain -- Toronto Terrorist
Can relate

Eat Mor Chikin

CTV News:

American restaurant chain Chick-fil-A says it plans to open more than a dozen restaurants in Canada over the next few years.

The company announced Wednesday that it will open a location in Toronto in 2019 and plans to open 15 restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area over the next five years.


Its operations have occasionally been controversial. In 2012, Chick-fil-A restaurants became the unlikely epicentre of pro-LGBTQ protests after company president Dan Cathy expressed support for the “biblical” definition of marriage and said proponents of same-sex marriage were “inviting God’s judgment.”

Now, I'm definitely going to a Chick-fil-A when it opens in Toronto.

Boycotting a business that will employ thousands of Canadians because of the normal views on homosexuality of one guy at the top. SO BRAVE.

What's the response when the borders are opened for hundreds of thousands of Muslims who support the slaughter of homosexuals? SILENCE.


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