Can't reason with barbarians
The BBC engages in triggering!?

The rickshaw of peace

Jewish rabbis and Muslim imams took part in a tandem bike ride through the streets of Berlin in a show of solidarity against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on Sunday.

The ‘Meet2Respect’ cycle attracted some 150 people, including 50 religious representatives who shared 25 tandem bicycles. A rabbi, and imam and a Christian pastor rode in a rickshaw together.

Muslims in the Middle East have been trying to annihilate the only Jewish state in the world for decades. Christians are being oppressed and murdered in Pakistan and Egypt for some time. Yet, here we have a clueless rabbi and and a vile pastor showing solidarity with the religion of blood, death, and carnage.

The problem isn't Islam. The problem is the demented elite who openly welcome the enemy.


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