Another fish cries
It's cancer time!

Liberal scum try to hide

The Liberals are really desperate in Ontario:

Some Ontario Liberal candidates are handing out flyers and putting up signs that don’t have the party’s traditional red. A communications professor says that it points to just how worried some Liberals are that they could lose in Thursday’s election.

Ottawa South candidate John Fraser, who won in a landslide in the riding formerly held by premier Dalton McGuinty, has posted yellow and black signs that state “STOP Doug Ford Vote John Fraser,” and “Only John Fraser Can Stop Doug Ford.”

This is funny:

For some candidates, the apparent downplaying of the Liberal brand isn’t new. Earlier in May, a local newspaper noted that Markham-Unionville candidate Amanda Yeung Collucci posted signs that were missing the word Liberal altogether.

Tomorrow will be historic. The Liberals in Ontario will get annihilated and the Senate will pass the marijuana bill which will lead to recreational legalization within a few months.


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