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Does the popcorn come with cocaine?

I had to re-read this headline to make sure I wasn't hallucinating: You Can Now Get Cineplex Movie Theatre Popcorn Delivered To Your House.

On top of popcorn, you can also get combos as well. The most popular item ordered during the pilot project was the 'Cineplex Movie Night In Combo' which features two medium popcorns, two medium candies and two medium drinks for $28.99.


  • Medium popcorn for one (from a Costco pack) is $0.25.
  • Assorted candies go for $1 each.
  • A liter of pop is another $1.

Let's call it a generous $5 for a couple. Cineplex will deliver that for $29. That cold movie theater popcorn comes with a $24 premium. It would be cheaper to take a taxi for a round trip to your grocery store.

Won't you feel sorry for these poor migrants?

The parasites are only interested in cold cash:

On June 24th several Facebook users criticised the fact that many migrants from the Aquarius boat had thrown away clothes and towels donated to them by the Red Cross.

The clothes were found in a dumpster in Cheste’s Educational Complex, where many of the migrants have been housed until they have finalised their asylum applications.

A question for Spaniards: How does it feel like to be a fool?

The local residents are incensed about the absolute lack of gratitude these supposedly “stressed” immigrants demonstrate with the generosity shown by the Red Cross.

Workplace violence

Vox Day on Milo:

What has been widely reported as his "call to murder journalists" was nothing more than his standard email response to media requests, sent to two different media outlets that had been harassing him for a comment on an unrelated matter. It wasn't a public "call" for anything at all. That is a flat-out lie.

Of course. The media will twist anything to make the Right look bad.

Oh, and this meme is spot on:

Get used to it

The "living" wage in action

Financial Post: Minimum wage hikes mean San Francisco restaurants can’t afford waiters, so they’ve put diners to work.

The small menu is so appealing and the place itself so charming that you almost forget, as a diner, that you have to do much of the work of dining out yourself. You scout your own table. You fetch and fill your own water glass. And if you’d like another glass of wine, you go back to the counter.

Soon, the restaurants will make you cook your own food. Hey, not everyone can afford the luxury of an Instant Pot at home!

On July 1, the minimum wage in San Francisco will hit US$15 an hour, following incremental raises from US$10.74 in 2014. The city also requires employers with at least 20 workers to pay health care costs beyond the mandates of the Affordable Care Act, in addition to paid sick leave and parental leave.

Thanks Obama!

If customers won’t buy $20 burgers, or $25 dosas, and the staff in the kitchen can’t be cut, that something is service. “And that is what we did — we got rid of our servers,” Mitra said.

Higher minimum wage = more unemployed people. Also, San Francisco has the worst real estate market in North America. Many upscale restaurants can't get waiters for an average American wage.

A few blocks from the original Souvla, at celebrated modern French restaurant Jardinière, chef Traci Des Jardins said her labour costs, including taxes and health care, now eat up 43 per cent of her budget.

When she opened Jardinière in 1997, they were 27 per cent.

Give evil a hug

That's asinine. Let's substitute Islam with another ideology:

The best way to fight Nazism is to befriend Nazis.
The best way to spread Nazism is to victimize Nazis.

America was nice to Germany and Japan after nearly annihilating them in the most lethal war in history. Has the ummah accepted defeat? Have the Muslims given up their evil ways? Why is this so hard to understand?

Just look at the EU countries that opened their borders and imported millions of Muslims. What did the enlightened, friendly Europeans get? Theft, rape, assault, death, and carnage. So much so that the majority of Europeans are logically becoming very unfriendly towards Muslims.

Won't you feel sorry for the Muslims?

A significant number of Americans don't like Muslims:

Muslims are viewed as insufficiently American and, as a result, one in five would deny them the right to vote, according to a new survey that shows the reach of President Trump’s outspoken effort to limit some travelers from mostly Muslim nations.

Muslims want to impose sharia. They don't give a fig about the US Constitution. They are, by definition, traitors.

This isn't limited to the United States. Any infidel culture -- European, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, etc. -- should expel foreign Muslims and ban the practices of the evil religion. Let the Muslims live in their own filthy fifty countries.

No hospital for you!

When the maternity ward was closed at the hospital in the Solleftea district of northern Sweden early last year, the nearest alternative was 100 kilometers (60 miles) away by road. So the local midwives decided to teach expectant parents a new skill: how to deliver a baby in a car.

Ah, the joys of socialized medical care.

“We have money,” said Hanna Hedvall, 45, who lives in Solleftea and worked as a midwife at the maternity facility for six and a half years. “We may not be able to have specialist care across the country, but here we are talking about rather simple things.”

Then on top of that:

Resentment has built over the influx of more than 600,000 immigrants over the past five years, many from war-ravaged countries like Afghanistan and Syria, a huge number for a country of 10 million people.

Yeah, the government in Sweden can't build enough hospitals but it has no problem handing out billions of dollars to unwanted rapefugees.

There are also soaring crime rates, gang violence, complaints about education and pregnant mothers even being turned away from maternity wards due to a lack of capacity. The number of people waiting longer than 90 days for an operation or specialist treatment has tripled over the past four years.

This is not a unique or surprising phenomenon limited to Sweden. Canadians are experiencing delays when it comes to important surgeries. Why? Government debt, limited hiring of new doctors, and increasing population. If you're in this situation, then save as much money as you can for a medical emergency. When the bad news comes, travel to a country where doctors and surgeons take cash. It'll be expensive but it's better than waiting in line and risking serious decay or death.

The tyrannical heart

In addition to a minimum wage, this Leftist also supports a maximum wealth level:

Fuck off, Peter Daou. Your totalitarian impulse to control how much other people make doesn't make you a saint. Go out, make money, and help others with your own effort. Also, taking money with force from others doesn't mean that you are compassionate and generous. What you are is a rotten, stinking thief!

Also, isn't it funny that he limits wealth at a billion dollars when poor, starving kids around the world can't even make $1 a day. Shouldn't that wealth cap be at one million or, even better, at $50,000? Of course, that would make it difficult to pit the average idiot against the evil mega-rich.

The current marijuana leader

Canopy Growth Corporation reported its fiscal fourth quarter revenue today: $22.8 million. Their previous quarter was $21.7 million. Those are some lackluster numbers. The good news will be in the future:

Total licensed footprint exceeding 2.4 million sq. ft.; 200,000 clones prepared and shipped from Ontario to jump start cultivation in million sq. ft. greenhouses in British Columbia.

Their inventory was approx. 23,000 kg at the end of March 31, 2018. Those 200,000 plants should yield roughly 20,000 kg of marijuana. Add a few more thousand from their current Smiths Falls and Niagara facilities and on October 17, Canopy should have 50,000 kg worth of product for sale. At a reasonable $4 per gram wholesale price, that's $200 million of revenue in one quarter.

Let's see how close Canopy gets.

In the conference call earlier today, one question was about the total kilogram production of Canopy in the near-future. Bruce Linton, the CEO, refused to provide an explicit number. This is in stark contrast to Aurora Cannabis who have repeated their astronomical 570,000 kg of (future) annual production in the media.

For Canopy, when they get to their full six million sq. ft. of capacity, the minimum annual production should be 400,000 kg. The maximum? 600,000 kg.

Negativity has to go back

An excellent strategy. Any Muslim immigrant who abuses freedom of speech to say something anti-West* should be immediately deported.

* Greek democracy, Roman law, Christianity, and White people.

Is human sacrifice a bad thing?

One has to attend university for many years to attain this level of Advanced Stupid:

This fellow brings a sharp shiv:

The land of pure evil

Bacha baazi starts at a young age in Pakistan:

A five-year-old boy has been allegedly gang-raped by three teenaged students of a seminary in the Mattani area of the city.

Where would these pious students from an Islamic seminary learn that it's okay to gang up and rape a child? The question answers itself.

“The child is a resident of Darra Adam Khel but the family has been living in the Mattani area,” the local said, adding that the incident took place around a week ago. He further claimed that the police, despite being informed of the crime, were reluctant to register an FIR.

Of course. The wickedness is not the concern. What matters is that everything looks peachy and nice. Therefore, the problem is the awful person who stands up and points to the evil.


The God-Emperor can't be stopped:

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in favor of President Donald Trump in Trump v. Hawaii, the controversial case regarding Trump's September order to restrict travel to the U.S. for citizens of several majority Muslim countries.

In the 5-4 opinion penned by Chief Justice John Roberts, the court found that Trump's immigration restriction fell "squarely" within the president's authority. The court rejected claims that the ban was motivated by religious hostility.

"The [order] is expressly premised on legitimate purposes: preventing entry of nationals who cannot be adequately vetted and inducing other nations to improve their practices," Roberts wrote. "The text says nothing about religion."

Yup. Trump talked about a "Muslim ban" during the primaries but as president he implemented a very narrow restriction for a few countries. The dumb opponents continued to call that a "Muslim ban" when 90% of the Muslims around the globe lived outside those select countries.

The rickshaw of peace

Jewish rabbis and Muslim imams took part in a tandem bike ride through the streets of Berlin in a show of solidarity against anti-Semitism and Islamophobia on Sunday.

The ‘Meet2Respect’ cycle attracted some 150 people, including 50 religious representatives who shared 25 tandem bicycles. A rabbi, and imam and a Christian pastor rode in a rickshaw together.

Muslims in the Middle East have been trying to annihilate the only Jewish state in the world for decades. Christians are being oppressed and murdered in Pakistan and Egypt for some time. Yet, here we have a clueless rabbi and and a vile pastor showing solidarity with the religion of blood, death, and carnage.

The problem isn't Islam. The problem is the demented elite who openly welcome the enemy.

Can't reason with barbarians

Hassan Khan from Pakistan shares his basic Islamic views and in doing so showcases why Muslims don't belong in the West:

Another tweet:

This is an excellent strategy for White, Christian countries. Muslims have defined the vicious rules of this game. It's time for the infidels to be on the same level.

The speed of tech

My first computer had a 2.1GB hard drive. It was puny and slow. That was twenty years ago. Soon, Samsung will unleash an 8TB SSD:

Samsung Electronics, the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has launched the industry’s highest capacity NVMe solid state drive (SSD) based on the incredibly small Next-generation Small Form Factor (NGSFF)* – an eight-terabyte (TB) NF1** SSD. The new 8TB NVMe NF1 SSD has been optimized for data-intensive analytics and virtualization applications in next-generation data centers and enterprise server systems.

The epic specs:

The NF1 SSD features a brand new, high-performance controller that supports the NVMe 1.3 protocol and PCIe 4.0 interface, delivering sequential read speeds of 3,100 megabytes per second (MB/s) and write speeds of 2,000MB/s.

YouTubers with deep pockets would benefit from using this beast when editing 4K videos.

The noble savages

It's amusing when colored people complain about the horrible racist America or the vicious intolerant West. Try spending a few weeks in the Arab world and experience life among the enlightened Muslims:

In an attempt to capitalize on what's become a ratings bonanza for Arabic satellite channels during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, two comedies struck the wrong chord with audiences when their lead actors appeared in blackface.

Criticism was swift on social media, but failed to trigger a deeper discussion on racism in the Middle East.

The shows - one produced in Egypt and the other in Kuwait - also poked fun at Sudanese culture, making a mockery of the Sudanese Arabic dialect and portraying darker skinned people from Sudan as either poor or lazy.

The Mind of a Vagina

A few years ago, we were told at our workplace that the boss expects the male workers to wear a tie. The dress code for women, however, was quite lax. Though, nothing approached Victoria Bateman:

When standards are applied to men, it's a simple fact of life. Think of the phrase, "Be A Man."

When women have to follow certain rules, it magically becomes oppression. Have you ever heard of anyone say, "Be A Woman"?

Wynne's losing strategy

When Kathleen Wynne first announced plans to hike Ontario’s minimum wage to $15-an-hour, she argued the increase was necessary to create “fair workplaces and better jobs.”

[...] In Ontario, it was clearly politically profitable ahead of an election campaign for Wynne to champion millions of low-wage workers struggling to make ends meet, and paint Doug Ford –- then her chief rival –- as an enemy of the working poor.

That worked out well for the Liberals.

After Wynne hiked the minimum wage 21% in Jan 2017 (from $11.60-an-hour to $14-an-hour) employers — particularly smaller ones on tight profit margins — reacted by cutting jobs, cutting hours, cutting benefits, increasing automation and/or raising prices.

That's the insidious nature of minimum wage. Some of the very poor workers lose their jobs and they have great trouble finding work in an environment where many other employers are also cutting hours or firing workers.

What does help low-income families, Fraser suggests, are subsidies and cash transfers. Employers don’t care if employees pay less tax and get subsidies. They don’t react by cutting jobs, or hours or investment.

It was an emergency

Another Muslim shows his true colors:

A Moroccan man has been arrested after six children were followed home and sexually assaulted on their own doorsteps in Alicante, Spain.

He's doing the job that Spaniards won't do.

The man is alleged to have followed the victims to the doorway of their homes before “violently assaulting them in order to touch their private parts”, according to local media.

Detectives realised they were likely dealing with a serial sex offender after a new attacker with the same modus operandi was reported to police at the end of last year.

Rapefugee rapes and murders

Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid:

Sophia Lösche, a 28-year-old German "Refugee welcome" activist, was found dead yesterday around 3.20 pm at the Egino gas station in the community of Asparrena in Álava, Spain. For a week, nothing was known about her whereabouts since she boarded a truck with Moroccan truck license plates in Schkeuditz, East Germany.

One can hope that the full and exclusive benefits of diversity are visited upon the open borders activists and their ilk.

She had worked with an NGO on the Greek island of Lesbos, where she helped so-called refugees. Sources consulted by the media emphasized that the body showed "clear symptoms of violence".

She was definitely enriched.

Toronto is the worst

Global News: Toronto ranked worst city for commuting in North America: study.

The report said an average commuter in Toronto spends 14 minutes waiting for a bus or a train each day. But even worse, the average person spends a staggering one hour and 36 minutes for their daily commute with an average journey distance of 10 kilometres.

If the average guy works 23 years in this case, then he would have destroyed a full year of his life in traffic. For too many people, it's worse.

I had to attend a conference in Toronto many years ago. I went with a colleague who drove his car. He wanted to leave at least two hours before the start of the event and so we did. We got to Toronto in about one hour. I thought to myself, "That wasn't so bad."

Then, it took us an additional hour to travel within Toronto to get to our destination. Obviously, my co-worker was fully aware of the atrocious traffic. So, we burned four hours in our commute.

Canada is the second largest country in the world. Of course, most of the land -- let's say 90% -- is not fit for habitation. Still, this means that the livable area in Canada is larger than Germany and France combined. So, why does Canada have crazy real estate prices in spectacularly tiny cities like Vancouver and Toronto? Why is Tokyo -- a city metro that can hold the entire Canadian population -- cheaper than the crazy cities of Canada? What's stopping people from building more houses in the stunningly empty parts of British Columbia and Ontario?

Government regulation is the likely culprit.

The loathsome Boomers

Just two years ago, the median American born in the 1980s — the cradle of millennials — had family wealth that was 34 per cent below what earlier generations held at the same age, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis reported last month. And all the data show it’s probably going to get worse.

As affluent baby boomers thank years of soaring markets for their paid-off mortgages and plump portfolios, millennials and the next cohort, Generation Z, are weighed down by student debt and stagnant wages. They can only contribute the bare minimum to their retirement plans and struggle to find affordable homes within commuting distance of their jobs.

The last fifty years have given the Millennials in America the following:

  • Lower wages thanks to more women entering the workforce and immigration.
  • The Great Ponzi Scheme aka Social Security reaching its end.
  • Sky high tuition fees for useless degrees.
  • Overall higher taxes.
  • Debt.

But on top of all that, the Millennials and Generation Zyklon will have to deal with The Great War. What will that look like? The breakup of the once United States. The purge of Muslims and other morons from Europe. China flexing its muscles as the new superpower by taking resource-rich areas in Africa.

What can Millennials do?

  • Read history. You can learn a lot about the future by observing the past.
  • Scorching savings rate. Stop buying shit.
  • Ammo is your friend. Learn to shoot.
  • Stick with family and friends.
  • Get a dog. Or two.

Weed in Q4

The date for the start of retail marijuana sales has been set.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says recreational marijuana will become legal in Canada on Oct. 17.

[...] "We heard from provinces and territories who told us they needed more time to transition to this new framework, so our government will continue to work in full partnership with them, to ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of this new law across Canada," Trudeau told reporters during an end-of-session news conference.

I bet the province of New Brunswick is not happy. They got to work on legalization years ago. They signed a marijuana supply deal in September of 2017. Almost ten months later, many of the big provinces still haven't bothered with any supply agreements. This obviously created uncertainty for many firms who can't be expected to harvest and stockpile millions of dollars of product without some understanding from the big potential buyers (the provinces).

New Brunswick has their stores ready for July while Ontario and British Columbia have been sitting on their asses. Let's see what they can do in the next four months.

Mother of God!

England massacres Australia:

England thrashed the highest score in the history of ODI cricket to set up the most crushing defeat - in terms of runs - ever inflicted upon Australia.

It's hard to believe that Australia won the last World Cup.

As this series has progressed, it has become hard to fathom how roles have reversed since the 2015 World Cup when one of these sides lifted the trophy and the other was humiliated. It will amount to little until England do it in a global tournament but you can be sure that no side - and certainly no bowling attack - will relish facing them in conditions like this.

On the basis of this series, England are strong contenders for the World Cup next year.

Canada legalizes recreational cannabis

One of the big campaign promises of Justin Trudeau has become reality:

Senators have voted to pass the federal government's bill legalizing recreational marijuana by a vote of 52 to 29, with two abstentions, paving the way for a fully legal cannabis market within eight to 12 weeks.

"I'm feeling just great," said Sen. Tony Dean, who sponsored the bill in the Senate. "We've just witnessed a historic vote for Canada. The end of 90 years of prohibition. Transformative social policy, I think. A brave move on the part of the government."

Retail sales will start in early September. The federal government will announce the exact date soon.

Pig upset with ham

A smug, ignorant, Muslim cunt in action:

This is the moment a British Muslim passenger called an air stewardess a 'f****** sl**' and a 'b****' for serving him a turkey ham sandwich - because he mistakenly thought it contained pork.

Here's the video:

The best part was when he said that he works in restaurants! And he knows ham!

The Kosovan, who moved to the UK almost two decades ago, said afterwards: 'I'm an Uber driver in London, I eat at the shops all the time. I know the taste of Turkey and the roll didn't taste like Turkey.

'She should have respected me and my religion. The customer is always right. She's lucky. If this wasn't here with people around I would have been more angry.'

He has to go back.

N parents

A Canadian court has declared two men in a polyamorous relationship with a woman as legal parents of a child in the first such case in the country’s history.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court came up with a ruling in April, but it was only publicly announced last week. Canadian law recognizes polyamorous relationships, but bars bigamy and polygamy, in which the same person is involved in several marriages.

The enlightened progressives will soon make that legal as well. Of course, the Muslims in Canada will provide their full support.

Just another day in Pakistan

The biggest killer of Muslims? Other Muslims:

A man who allegedly shot and killed a woman in Faisalabad on June 9 for refusing a marriage proposal was remanded into police custody for four days.

Bus hostess Mahwish Arshad was shot and killed by Umer Daraz, a security guard working for the same company as her, allegedly for repeatedly refusing his marriage proposal.

That mindset is so alien and disordered. There are, literally, millions of other women in the country to choose from but he has to murder the one who is not interested in him.

Pot worse than ISIS

Bill C-45 would make the giving or selling of cannabis to any person under the age of 18 a new criminal offence punishable by up to 14 years in jail, a sentence in line with facilitating a terrorist activity, threatening to commit a nuclear offence, bribing a judge, child luring, recklessly discharging a firearm, aggravated assault, torture and human trafficking.

14 years for threatening to commit a terrorist act? That's funny considering that dozens of ISIS terrorists have returned to Canada and their punishment has been zilch. Apparently, in Trudeau's Canada, sharing a joint with a minor will be more harshly punished than beheading infidels and raping girls.

Such terror-related laws have no meaning when the authorities simply ignore them. Likely the same will happen with this ridiculous 14-year nonsense for sharing a joint.

Visible minorities in Canada are already disproportionately arrested, charged and prosecuted for pot, and Spratt said there’s no reason we should expect that to change with legalization. (Nowhere is the white privilege more apparent than in the war on drugs, the McGill conference heard repeatedly.)

Just like the female privilege when it comes to crime in general?

Smug and ignorant