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Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Secret ex-Muslim network in Australia fear disownment and abuse.

Of course, we get the usual response from an Islamic "scholar":

Sydney scholar Sheikh Ahmed Abdo said: "You could easily pick and choose verses from the Koran and shape whatever narrative you want … if they're not taken in a holistic manner."

So, what's the punishment for apostasy in Islam?

"People are free to choose to embrace Islam or leave Islam, just like they're free to make choices in how they live their lives."

He added: "No-one should be calling to kill an apostate in lands where Islamic law is not applied."

Of course. As soon as the land is conquered and sharia is applied, then it becomes perfectly legitimate to slaughter ex-Muslims.

Anyway, the ex-Muslims aren't that bright:

The move to accepting Muslims and, in particular, Middle Eastern Muslims in the Australian landscape can only serve as a benefit to ex-Muslims.

She escaped Muslim lands and now wants Australia to be more accepting of ... Muslims! Unfortunately, that's the colossally stupid, short-run, staggeringly wrong viewpoint of an immigrant to Australia.

To put it in other words: Placing hundreds of Nazis with a few Jews won't benefit those Jews.

Australian ex-Muslims also worry about speaking out because they do not want to fuel anti-Muslim and anti-immigration rhetoric.

Ex-Muslims are politically diverse, and many do feel Muslim communities in the West are demonised but that it should not stop people from criticising Islam.

Kids in Islamic countries are beaten and tortured to memorize the Quran and to spout hatred for the infidel. One can feel genuine pity for them. That argument holds no water for adult Muslims in the West.

Again, would the following make sense? Nazis should not be demonized but it should not stop people from criticizing Nazism.

If these ex-Muslims were consistent, then they should have no issue being friends with Nazis and Communists.

I understand. They don't want to be too harsh on their Muslim family, relatives, and friends. They want to avoid pain but it's intellectually dishonest.


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