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The desperate mother of a boy suffering from severe epilepsy plans to fly back to Britain tomorrow with a consignment of medical cannabis obtained in Canada and declare it to customs officials.

The "Asians" who raped thousands of girls roam free while this one brave mother is stripped of medicinal oil. That's the state of modern Britain.

Billy, a lively 12-year-old boy with autism and intractable epilepsy, became the first patient in Britain to be prescribed cannabis-based medication on the NHS after enduring up to 100 seizures a day and routinely ending up in hospital.

He was originally given the treatment by a doctor in the US, where it is legal in the majority of states. Ms Caldwell said it rapidly stopped Billy’s seizures and drastically improved his quality of life.

The mother condenses the whole situation:

'Of course I worry about breaking the law – but I want my son illegally alive rather than legally dead.’

The drug is provided by a Canadian LP.

The drug prescribed for Billy is made by Tilray, a British Columbian manufacturer. Like most cannabis-based epilepsy medicines, it has a very high ratio of CBD (the non-psychoactive chemical found in the plant) to THC (the chemical that intoxicates users). Doctors told me it would be impossible to use this drug to get high – and since it is an oil, the THC cannot be separated out. Cannabis products containing THC are illegal in Britain.

Charlotte Caldwell should move to a place, like Canada or Germany, where medical cannabis is legal.


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