The "inclusive" insanity
Lack of self-control

The Very Dark Web

Vox Day utilizes his decades of observations in this excellent post:

The "Intellectual Dark Web" is the Fake Opposition, the roots of the Conservative Media 3.0. William F. Buckley's Conservative Media 1.0 is literally bankrupt, Bill Kristol's Conservative Media 2.0 lost its last vestiges of credibility due to the failures of the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, and now the mainstream media needs a new squad to put on the uniforms of the Washington Generals to go out in front of the public and take a dive.

It is NeverTrump: the media edition.

This is a familiar gambit. Not only are the dramatic portraits of the various Dark Webbers almost identical to those decorating the 2006 Wired piece entitled "The Church of the Non-Believers", but they've even recycled both Sam Harris and Michael Shermer as Very Important Intellectuals du Jour. Frankly, I'm a little disappointed that they didn't dig up the corpse of Christopher Hitchens and include him too while they were at it.

The Supreme Dark Lord can see the Matrix.


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