The Rise of the Phobias
Aurora buying Medreleaf

The Mouth of Soros

This made me laugh.

Mouth of soros

The Supreme Dark Lord:

Jordan Peterson is not raising young men to defend the West, he is not raising young men to become heroes. He is teaching them that they are the measure of Man, they are the measure of Good and Evil, they set the standards, they do whatever they want. How is that any better than what the SJWs are telling them? The indoctrination that Jordan Peterson is providing through this philosophy of Jordanetics is poisonous. It's like raising a kid on junk food. You can't be surprised if all you feed a kid is junk food; he lives but he grows up to be fat and soft and weak.

What's amusing is that for a year, the Leftists have called Jordan Peterson a neo-Nazi and an Alt-Right figurehead. They have portrayed him as extreme right wing. Yet, on all the big issues -- Globalism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, and Immigration -- Peterson is on the side of the Left! He's merely anti-SJW-Left. That doesn't make him a part of the Right.


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