Slaves of Allah
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Mean Myanmar

Amnesty International is not portraying the malevolent Rohingya as angels like the mainstream media:

The Rohingya military group Arsa carried out deadly massacres and abductions of the Hindu community in Myanmar’s Rakhine state last year, a new report by Amnesty International has revealed.

Testimony collected by Amnesty from dozens of witnesses and survivors of the attacks in Rakhine in August have detailed how up to 99 Hindu men, women and children were killed by Arsa militants armed with knives, swords and sticks. Only those who agreed to convert to Islam were spared.

Muslims are learning the hard way that the majority of the world doesn't run on the soft standards of Sweden or Canada. The retarded concepts of White guilt and privilege don't hold any currency in Asian countries. If you invade another nation, promote terror, and murder their people, then they'll often respond with added brutality.


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