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Kanye vs. Slaves

Feminism: The Destroyer of Women

We can’t afford to lose very many pretty White girls to the Feminism abattoir. The death of a million fugs is a statistic; the loss of one cute girl to feminism is a tragedy. It’s a goddamned shame to lose any of these girls to their inner demons. Some of those girls were downright hot before the feminism cerberus ate their souls and turned them into unlovable, unfuckable monsters. A shame for them, and a shame for the newly minted incel betas who now have fewer cute girls available to them.

So much horror. One example:


She destroyed all the following to make herself ugly:

  1. Long hair.
  2. 1.3 Gigawatt smile.
  3. Makeup on eyelashes.
  4. Clean tattoo-free skin.
  5. Hot Pink-magenta lipstick.
  6. Feminine attire with a hint of cleavage.

The youth and beauty of women fades far too quickly as it is. Such deliberate brutality is truly and utterly malevolent.


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