Baloo goes berserk
Listen to what!?

Canadian wind storm

When nature starts tearing down trees, collecting pieces of roofs, and killing people:

Hundreds of thousands of people were still without power across central Canada on Saturday morning following a windstorm that downed trees and power lines and left two people dead.

Environment Canada said wind gusted at close to 120 kilometres per hour on Friday in the wake of a cold front that moved across Ontario and Quebec.

Hydro One, Ontario's largest power utility, was reporting about 200,000 customers affected by outages on Saturday, and Toronto Hydro said another 29,000 were without power in the city -- down from a peak of 68,000.

It really got ugly here around 5 p.m. yesterday. My neighborhood lost electricity for 12 hours. The traffic lights were out; drivers had to be extra careful.

I checked the outage map on my phone and realized that it wasn't a whole city-wide power outage. Certain blocks were out and others had no issue. So, it's not one problem, it's multiple small headaches for the power companies to fix.

In Quebec, more than 195,000 people were still without power by Saturday after the storm gusted through at speeds reaching 100 km/h.

Hydro Quebec asked customers for patience as its crews worked to clear the downed trees and branches that damaged its grid in several areas of the province.


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