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Another oppressed Muslim

This is what happens when idiots invite snakes into their homes:

A FATHER who was stabbed by an international student dressed in a full burqa in his own home has described how the knife sunk three centimetres into his neck as he frantically urged his young daughter to make a run for it.

He now says his daughter is so traumatised by what she witnessed she thinks she can see blood on the walls and dreams her parents are dead.

Momena Shoma, who arrived in Melbourne from Bangladesh in January this year, has been charged with engaging in a terrorist act. She is accused of attacking Roger Singaravelu, 56, on February 9 and that the attack was linked to Islamic State.

Seriously, how fucking stupid do you have to be to let a Muslim live in your house?

The unbelievable part of the story:

Outlining the strength of the prosecution’s case on 3 May magistrate Charlie Rozencwajg said Ms Shoma displayed erratic behaviour before moving in with Mr Singaravelu.

“She did the practice run on the mattress with the first family that hosted her and they felt intimidated enough to go to whoever organised it, saying, ‘We’re scared, we don’t want her to continue living with us,’” he told Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Yup, the homestay organization "fixed" that problem by simply moving the halaal horror show to a different Australian household.


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