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Sharia in small doses

A 33-years-old French woman is smashed with Afghani culture:

The assault happened on a train leaving Paris. The men taunted and insulted the woman for not being dressed enough to suit them.

The attack on 23 May started with verbal insults. The Afghans were reprimanding the woman for ‘showing too much cleavage’. After the train stopped at Dijon’s train station, they forced her out. The woman was kicked and beaten until she fell to the ground.

Of course, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH ISLAM, you bigot!

Evil needs no reason

A teenage mother was killed in the name of ‘honour’ by her in-laws as she was unable to ‘give birth to a baby boy’ in Charsadda district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) on Wednesday.

Saadia, 17, was married to Kamil Khan, 50, who tied the knot a year ago.

This doesn't make any sense.

“This was Khan’s second marriage as he was unable to have a male child with his first wife,” Latif, the victim’s father, told The Express Tribune.

“I have seven daughters and my family is living in abject poverty so I was forced to marry her [daughter] to a man older than me,” Latif said, adding, “In the beginning they were happy but the relationship soured after my daughter was unable to bear children.”

Even with the tortured tribal / Islamic mindset, what's the logic of murdering a teenage wife? Isn't it easy to simply divorce her and marry a new one?

“I’ve implored the political administration to arrest the culprits but the police have not taken any action as they say it is de-facto tribal area,” he said.

Blood and death

A KNIFEMAN who stabbed two people was shot dead in Germany hours after an axe-wielding maniac was gunned by cops in the Netherlands.

Belgium, Netherlands, Germany are all being culturally enriched by Muslims.

Earlier today, a 26-year-old Syrian man was shot by Dutch police shot after following reports he was waving an axe from a Rotterdam balcony. After cops reportedly entered the property where he lived with his dad, he lashed out at officers.

Man's best friend likely took most of the damage:

A police dog, which accompanied the arrest team, later died of its injuries.

Feminist math

Author, film lecturer, and founder of the Glasgow Feminist Arts Fest Becca Harrison recently undertook a labor intensive process to figure out which “Star Wars” canon films (not including the just-released “Solo: A Star Wars Story”) include the most screen time for their female characters.

Harrison posted her initial tally on Twitter, where she revealed the that top three films to feature the most female screen time include “The Last Jedi,” “The Force Awakens,” and “Rogue One,” all female-centric stories that put women at the fore. Those films also happen to be the highest-earning of all the films.

Disney should go all-out and have 100% screen time for vaginas -- preferably short, fat, ugly, homo, diverse vaginas. That will surely make the big bucks!

This is why Muslims can't have nice things

One of the rockets fired by terrorist groups from Gaza at southern Israel Tuesday struck equipment that provides electricity to the southern Gaza Strip, knocking out power to thousands, a spokesperson for Israel’s Electric Company said.

The damage to three power lines leading to Gaza was preventing the flow of electricity to the the southern areas of the beleaguered coastal enclave, the spokesperson said Tuesday evening, leaving tens of thousands of Gazans with no electricity.

The electric company said the repairs were expected to take several days.

Why do the Israelis provide electricity to a society that constantly plans and celebrates the death of Jews?

No time for oil

Drivers love to complain about the price of gas, but when it comes to taking action they are not willing to join forces.

A gas price protest scheduled for Wednesday morning sputtered to a stop when one solitary protester showed up.

The contrast between the grinning cops and the body language of the protester is absolutely hilarious.

No time for oil

Easy work for the police today:

Montreal police had even stationed half a dozen officers in patrol cars at the mall, ready to supervise the protesters on their planned slow-moving route.

Advanced Reintegration

A terrorist who slaughtered three people in Belgium spared a school cleaner because she was a Muslim and had clubbed his ex cellmate to death a day before the bloodbath after the pair carried out a robbery, it has emerged.

The attacker, named as Benjamin Herman, knifed police officer Lucile Garcia, 54, and her colleague Soraya Belkacemi, 45, while shouting 'Allahu Akbar' before using their guns to shoot them dead during the bloodshed in Liege yesterday.

A few year ago, in Belgium, a Muslim robbed a bank, got in a shoot out with police, and injured a police officer with a bullet from his AK-47. The government sentenced him to a decade but he was eventually released after only 3 years. He went on to plan and execute the most lethal terrorist attack in Belgium since the Second World War.

Apparently, the politicians and authorities didn't learn much from that lunacy:

Herman was on a 48-hour release from prison when he carried out the rampage on Tuesday. Having been in jail since 2003, it was the 14th occasion he had been given temporary leave ahead of his planned 'reintegration into society' in 2020.

Sadly, there is no cure for stupid.

More halaal deception

Muslim Girl: Prophet Muhammed Was An Intersectional Feminist.

While some may disagree with some religious ideals of Islam as well, it’s important for people to know that most of the negative things you hear about on the news that are associated with Islam are due to patriarchal legislation that stem from controversial cultural ties and not Islamic ideals. In fact, I would say that Allah’s messenger, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was an early intersectional feminist himself.

Islam is so thoroughly evil that it can't be presented in its true, ugly form to the West. Muslims must sugarcoat it to the point where a sex-slave-owning, genocidal, pedophile is presented as a totally super cool progressive dude.

What's stunningly farcical is that this Muslim girl would be swiftly slaughtered in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan for insulting Muhammad by calling him a feminist!

Who is American?

The Supreme Dark Lord:

To rely upon a single phrase of a document in contradiction to the central theme of the entire document, which is that the People of the United Colonies are an English people, unique and distinct from foreigners, Indians, and the English people loyal to the King of Britain, is an outrageous attempt at deceit that relies entirely upon the historical ignorance of the audience. To say that anyone can become an American because "all men are created equal" is a shameless lie. One might as legitimately cite it as evidence to claim it means anyone can become Chinese.

Dindu Syrian

This guy is definitely doing the "jobs" that Germans won't do:

A 21-year-old Syrian asylum seeker has been accused of committing over 400 crimes, including drug offences, thefts, and robberies, within the span of two years as part of a gang terrorising an area in the German town of Plauen.

How did he manage to commit one crime every two days in Germany!? Plus, what exactly does he have to do to get kicked out of the country?

Black hole of insanity

Does a convert to Islam count as "diversity"?

This is the moment Belgian special forces took down a suspected terrorist who had shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he shot and killed two policewomen and a 22-year-old civilian. After carrying out three brutal murders this morning, the attacker took a female cleaner hostage in a nearby high school. The footage shows him running out of the school with two guns blazing before he was shot dead in the street. Several officers were injured in the gun battle.

The crazy parts:

The man, who is understood to have been on a day release from a nearby prison, had approached the female officers at around 10.30am, slashed their throats and stabbed them several times from behind, before disarming them.

He has been named as Benjamin Herman, 36, an alleged Muslim convert who had been radicalised in prison.

It's rare to get so much stupidity in one event:

  • Feminism (Those strong, independent, and FIERCE women police officers!)
  • Retarded prison policy
  • Islam

So much peace

Spousal abuse (and child abuse) is all too common in Islamic societies. It's largely treated as a private matter.

This guy made two mistakes. He went overboard and he did it while on camera. Look at the people around him. Nobody bothered to stop him for nearly a minute. Think about it: if a man was beating his wife or daughter in public in the West, then would people merely standby a few feet away and diligently record the whole thing on their phones?

Anyway, the video caused sufficient outrage for the ninjas to act:

No Jews!

This is what happens when a Muslim doesn't showcase the proper hatred:

An Algerian blogger has been given a 10-year prison sentence for interviewing an Israeli official.

Merzoug Touati was convicted on Thursday of “incitement to non-armed gathering,” “foreign intelligence aiming at harming diplomatic ties,” and “incitement to gatherings and sit-ins in public spaces” by an Algerian court.

The interview was conducted with Hassan Kaabia, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson for Arabic-speaking media. 

Get a load of these whoppers by the Algerian media:

While the released video is largely about reforms to Algerian financial laws, The Annahar, an Algerian newspaper, came out with an article titled: “The blogger’s case exposes an international network to recruit Algerians to the Mossad.” The article included a map claiming to list Touati’s connections in Israel, and asserted that Touati aimed to undermine the stability of Algeria.

A Muslim talks to a Jew = Spy! = Traitor!

That's the psychotic level of Jew-hatred in the Islamic world where a simple interview with an Israeli Jew can land one in jail for a decade.

No satire for you!

And then this happened:

Women are weak

Reality is a cruel bitch:

The first woman to join an infantry regiment since defence chiefs lifted a ban on females serving in combat units has quit after just two weeks of training, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

The recruit dropped out of an 18-week course this month after falling behind her male counterparts on endurance marches and failing other physical tests at a training base in Suffolk.

When the physical endeavor requires strength, speed, stamina, steel, and sweat, most women magically drop their equality fetish.

Of course, some learn that the hard way:

Ban pointy things

The not so Great Britain:

Last week in his valedictory address, retiring Luton Crown Court Judge Nic Madge spoke of his concern that carrying a knife had become routine in some circles and called on the Government to ban the sale of large pointed kitchen knives.

Latest figures show stabbing deaths among teenagers and young adults have reached the highest level for eight years, and knife crime overall rose 22 per cent in 2017.

That's just common sense knife control.

Next: ban cricket bats!

Forked tongues

The amusing thing is that for Trump, the Fake News Media is a gift that keeps on giving. The overwhelming negative coverage actually helps Trump because it showcases the media as shameless liars. Just look at the "tax cuts for the rich" narrative which quickly failed because the average American can see more money in his bank account.

For the UK government, however, someone like Tommy Robinson is a big problem because his coverage reminds everyone that the political elites are corrupt -- these monsters have no problem sacrificing White girls at the altar of multiculturalism and cheap labour. Even their alarmed reaction to Robinson -- 13 months in jail -- shows us how rotten they are.


Trump is turning out to be the most consistently right wing and pro-American president of the last four decades. His support among the base is solid plus he's peeling away a few Blacks and Hispanics from the Left. End result? Trump landslide in 2020.

Mean Myanmar

Amnesty International is not portraying the malevolent Rohingya as angels like the mainstream media:

The Rohingya military group Arsa carried out deadly massacres and abductions of the Hindu community in Myanmar’s Rakhine state last year, a new report by Amnesty International has revealed.

Testimony collected by Amnesty from dozens of witnesses and survivors of the attacks in Rakhine in August have detailed how up to 99 Hindu men, women and children were killed by Arsa militants armed with knives, swords and sticks. Only those who agreed to convert to Islam were spared.

Muslims are learning the hard way that the majority of the world doesn't run on the soft standards of Sweden or Canada. The retarded concepts of White guilt and privilege don't hold any currency in Asian countries. If you invade another nation, promote terror, and murder their people, then they'll often respond with added brutality.

Ramadan Mubarak!

Tension gripped Baghsewania area following alleged molestation of a 12-year-old girl by two bike-borne youths in broad daylight on Friday. The accused also thrashed a minor boy, who came to the rescue of victim.

When local people started gathering at the crime scene, the accused duo entered into a mosque to save themselves. They were later arrested by the police from the mosque in the evening.

According to in-charge of Bagsewania police, S-I Rajkumar Dangi, both the arrested accused were identified as Mohammad Nihal and Mohammad Rashid, of Jatkhedi in Misrod area.

Two Muslims called Mohammad molested a young girl. Shocking!

The ROBELUS Oligopoly

It's data mania in Manitoba:

Looks like Manitoba is quickly becoming a hotbed for wireless competition. The reason for the ramp-up in activity could be the recent Bell/Mts merger, or the pending launch of Xplornet’s wireless service.

Late last week, Rogers unveiled a $70/20GB and $80/30GB Manitoba-only Share Everything plan promo plans for new and existing customers.

I checked out the plans offered by Rogers.

Manitoba: Unlimited Canada wide calling + 30GB of data. Price: $90 per month.

Ontario: Unlimited Canada wide calling + 12GB of data. Price: $145 per month.

Customers in Ontario are getting 40% of the data while paying 61% more!

Literally Hitler

OMG, Roaming, you apply the same standard to all peoples!? I bet you also disagree with affirmative action! RACISSS!

The sad Swedes

Are politicians this unaware of the concept of incentives:

Christian Democrats leader Ebba Busch Thor has proposed paying immigrant families a total of SEK 160,000 ($18,500) to leave Sweden. The cost of letting them stay would be much higher, she argued.

Well, that's certainly one way to make all the rapefugees leave from the neighboring nations to hop into Sweden for the big fat cheque.

How about you pay them $0, kick them out, and then stop all immigration?

That moderate Malaysia

The Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) nabbed seven individuals for eating and drinking in public places during Ramadan and seven more on suspicion of committing khalwat (close proximity).

The Malaysian authorities are arresting people for the horrible crimes of eating in public and "suspicion" of fornication.

“The operations to nab those who weren’t fasting were conducted in restaurants, snooker centres and food stalls in Meru, Klang and Shah Alam while the individuals caught for allegedly committing khalwat took place at hotels and lodges in the Klang Valley.

Scared of Tommy Robinson

Anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson was arrested Friday outside of a British court hearing on a gang accused of forcing women into sex, prompting protests Saturday.

The political elite in the UK is undeniably rotten to the core:

Robinson was sentenced to 13 months in jail for the crime, while the judge prohibited reporting of the verdict within the United Kingdom. No major British outlet reported on the sentence, and Breitbart redacted Robinson’s name from its report on the case.

Glenn Reynolds:

Just by existing, he’s a threat.

The UK government ignores thousands of evil child-raping Muslims but when one man exposes this malevolent injustice, he's put in jail for a year.

Soylo didn't shoot

Forget paying for it, I wouldn't watch it if it was free:

They're expecting Soylo: A Soy Wars Soyry to earn the least money of any Disney Soy-based entertainment.

The industry had been expecting, I thin, a $170 million domestic haul over the four-day Memorial Day Weekend (five, really, given that it opened Thursday night), but that had then be reduced to $150 million, and then to $130-$150 million, and then reduced again to $120 million.

The Chinese are really not interested in watching shit:

Soy Wars has not been popular in China. But Soylo just bombed worst than most in its opening night in China -- only $120,000 for midnight screenings in all of China, a nation of a billion and a half, according to a Chinese film industry analyst.

Women ruin everything:

Kathleen Kennedy really has no idea what she's doing. She spent most of her career as an assistant to Steven Spielberg. Now in charge, the only idea she has is to make every 90 pound girl a UFC champion-level badass and make random characters gay (or "pansexual").

Ban the animals

President Donald Trump met with parents of children on Wednesday who were killed by MS-13 gang members, promising to continue deporting illegal immigrant gangs and secure the Southern border.

One father praised the president for describing the gang members as “animals” despite the controversy that followed.

“I think you used the correct word. Animals. That they are,” said Freddy Cuevas, the father of a girl murdered by MS-13 said. “They took her away from us and destroyed her dream.”

Trump is such a natural. He just made the opposition come out in support of illegal aliens who've murdered numerous American citizens. One would think that the Democrats would agree with a simple statement like "MS-13 members are animals". Instead, these clowns berated Trump for his horrible language!

Advantage: Trump!

The Park of the Apes

One of the Whitest states in the US gets culturally enriched:

It was an otherwise pleasant evening in Maine when two dozen Somali youth swarmed and attacked two local residents in Kennedy Park last Thursday evening.

The Somali mob attacked around 7:45 pm, just as the sun was setting on this historic city park in the heart of Maine’s second largest city.

Shane Bouchard, the mayor, tries his best to be diplomatic:

“When you have large, diverse groups of people in the same place you are bound to have incidents. Lewiston is no different in that respect than any other medium to large city, except that Lewiston’s violent crime rate is one of the lowest in Maine.”

Surely that "low crime rate" will provide solace to those who were brutally assaulted by a gang of Somali thugs.

“Bigger picture, children are just not taught respect anymore, and that can be said about children in general, our visible population in that area just happens to be an immigrant population.” Mayor Bouchard said.

Yeah, those "New Americans" are just a little bit rude.

Small change

Aurora and MedReleaf are amending their agreement:

Aurora and MedReleaf have agreed to amend the Original Agreement to include, in the consideration payable to holders of MedReleaf's common shares, (each a "MedReleaf Share"), $0.000001 in cash for each MedReleaf Share. As a result, the consideration under the arrangement has been increased from 3.575 Aurora common shares for each MedReleaf Share to 3.575 Aurora common shares and $0.000001 in cash for each MedReleaf Share.

All the shareholders of MedReleaf combined will get ... $100 in cash. Why are they making such a comical change?

Taxable Canadian resident MedReleaf shareholders will be entitled to elect to receive tax-deferred roll-over treatment in connection with the acquisition by Aurora of their MedReleaf Shares.

Yup. Tax reasons. It's funny that Aurora wasn't aware of this a few weeks ago.

Diversity is Strength

An Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was set off in a restaurant yesterday. Fifteen people injured; three critically. Where? Iraq? Afghanistan? Syria?


The IED was detonated near the largest city in Canada.

Peel Regional Police say they are looking for two suspects who they say set off an improvised explosive device inside a Mississauga restaurant, leaving 15 people injured.

Police and paramedics said they were called to the Bombay Bhel restaurant, which is located in a plaza north of Hurontario Street and Eglinton Avenue, at around 10:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Is there a connection to The Religion That Must Not Be Named? Don't even think about it, you bigot!

Police described the first male suspect as being five-foot-10 to six feet tall, mid-20s and having a stocky build. He was last seen wearing dark blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over his head, a light grey baseball hat and black cloth covering his face.

The second suspect is described by police as being five-foot-nine and five-foot-10 and having a thin build. He was last seen wearing faded blue jeans, a dark zip-up hoodie pulled over his head, a grey t-shirt, dark-coloured skate shoes. Police said his face was covered.

Anyone with information is asked to call 12 Division Criminal Investigations Bureau at 905-453-2121 ext. 1233.

Abraham Benjamin de Villiers

The most magnificent cricketer in the game today has decided to retire.

Former South Africa Test captain AB de Villiers said he had "run out of gas" as he announced his retirement from international cricket.

The 34-year-old has played in 114 Test matches, 228 one-day internationals and 78 Twenty20 matches for the Proteas.

He sums it up here:

"I've had my turn and, to be honest, I'm tired," he said.

AB de Villiers had the best combination of genetics, attitude, and performance. The most stunning display of his immense talent, power, and timing was on Jan. 18, 2015. He scored 149 runs off 44 deliveries. My initial reaction upon reading that was: Silly website, that must be 144 not 44. No one in the history of cricket has ever scored that fast. So, it can't be--HOLY SHIT! That's not an error!

You can watch him murder the West Indies bowling here:

Of course, it had to end one day. What's truly sad is that such a glorious athlete never lifted the World Cup. Of all the players, he deserved it the most.

The Tesla saga continues

Elon Musk has repeatedly mentioned the $35,000 price for his Model 3. The problem? Tesla can't make money with such a "low" price. In fact, last year Tesla lost $225,000 per hour.

Musk unveiled specifications for a faster and more powerful version of the Model 3 in a series of tweets over the weekend. It will cost US$78,000, more than double the US$35,000 base-model starting price discussed into the run-up before the electric car’s deliveries started last year. And that doesn’t include the Autopilot driver-assist feature.

Losing $2 billion in a year does focus the mind. Anyway, I don't know even one person who would buy a Model 3 at $35,000. The masses will have to wait for their electric nirvana.

“A Model 3 with a US$35,000 price will be the rarest of the rare,” said Kevin Tynan, a Bloomberg Intelligence analyst. “Perhaps the second most collectible Tesla ever, behind the one floating around in space.”

That's funny.