The biggest threat to Muslims
So delicate, so fragile

Those evil Jews, again

The Holocaust was a “lie” made real by Jews who colluded with Adolf Hitler in order to bring “settlers to Palestine,” a Palestinian political analyst has claimed.

This "Holocaust never happened" view is quite normal among Muslims.

Holocaust denial is nothing new, however it is becoming more mainstream in parts of the Middle East and Europe.

What do you mean "becoming mainstream" in the Middle East? It has been mainstream for decades. Jews are the eternal enemies and oppressors of Muslims. Plus, don't you know, the Jooos rule the world!

In this Jews are evil tyrants worldview, it's difficult to explain how millions of them got slaughtered in Europe less than a century ago. The solution is simple: the Jews made up the whole Holocaust fable! 

Yes, the Holocaust never happened. The Jews lie about it so that they can immigrate to a ... tiny, oil-free sliver of land in the Middle East. These Jews are so wickedly colonialist that almost all of them gave up their lands and possessions in other Middle Eastern countries. They returned the Sinai! They left the Gaza Strip!

Really, the behavior of Jews is irrelevant. The hatred of their kind is built into Islam. All the Jews can move to the moon and the Muslims will still be blaming them for their self-inflicted social and financial inferiority status.


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