The Epic Loser
The justice system in Malaysia

The Gathering Storm

Inger Støjberg has lashed out against what she claimed to be widespread cheating among migrants and refugees, which is aimed at securing various benefits and often goes unpunished.

A significant proportion of refugees in Denmark cheat regarding family reunions, provide false data and attempt to swindle the state, Danish Integration and Immigration Minister Inger Støjberg of the ruling Liberal Party told the Berlingske daily.

Denmark created a welfare state and then opened its borders to the low-IQ, hateful losers of the world. What did it expect? The hordes of Muslim men who're invading Europe are not interested in learning the local language or getting a job. They want money and free pussy. If they're not offered those items, then they'll simply steal and rape.

The logical response would be to deport them all. However, too many are cowards who care more about not being called racist than saving their country. So, the next generation will have to fight and slaughter millions to undo the damage to their nation.


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