Bad Kanye. Very bad!
Context is irrelevant!

Proud Kurd in Nashville

From the Diversity is Strength files:

Jiyayi Suleyman became Nashville's first Kurdish police officer in 2012. It was a source of pride for both the community and the department.

"He was the first Kurdish cop, so he made all of us proud," said Hamid Hasan, the owner of House of Kabab in Nashville.

He is a good Kurdish boy!

Now Suleyman is out of a job and in trouble. He's the subject of a criminal investigation.

According to an investigative file obtained by News4, Suleyman was a member of the Kurdish Pride Gang, a group known for selling illegal guns and drugs.

I wonder how many of these Kurds laughed in private when the dumb infidels were so happy while giving a badge to a drug dealer ...


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