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Smiling bitch

Life in Pakistan

This is why many women drag their brother or other close male relative to go out shopping. It doesn't guarantee protection but it does lower the chance of getting groped.

The response from some Pakistani men was unfortunately predictable:

Translation: You are maligning the name of Pakistan and Islam for your cheap publicity. What kind of an ignorant woman are you? I don't even follow you and yet twitter puts the tweets of a shameless woman like you in my timeline.

Let's look at some lovely things that Pakistan has done:

  1. Murdered hundreds of thousands of East Pakistanis. They got fed up and made Bangladesh.
  2. Low-level terrorist attacks on India.
  3. Created and supported the Taliban who destroyed Afghanistan.
  4. Protected Osama bin Laden.
  5. Continued, decades-long, killing of the Baloch minority who live in the largest province and who rightfully want their own nation.

Just on that basis, if there was a tournament for The Worst Country on Earth, then Pakistan would surely make the semi-finals. However, what really besmirches the fine reputation of Pakistan is ... a woman who tweets about sexual harassment.

The word qoum means nation:


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