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Indian vs. Indian

Not the same type of Indians, though. The dot variety writes:

Raghav Hegde
LOL....I don't know whether to be outraged at some of the stuff you lot say about my people or laugh. Anyway, I will say just one thing. Microsoft market cap when the company was "less Indian" in 2009: $138 billion. Microsoft market cap now that it is a company of Indians, in 2018, $738 billion. Anyway, keep up with your silly rants against those "curries", "apus" or whateveer it is you call us :)


Raghav Hegde
Sherwood family: Sure we will. But first we are gonna take over "your" companies and make them "our" companies. Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Adobe, Apple, IBM...you name it, we dominate.

The turn of the feather:

The exchange above illustrates what I mean when I say that European anti-Semitism is an accident of history. There is nothing special about the adversarial historical relationship between the two parties, it is simply what happens when low-trust cultures and high-trust cultures collide. Neither Jews nor Europeans understand its true nature or that the results would have been much the same if it had been a Chinese, an Indian, or any other high-performance, self-serving minority living parasitically in a high-trust, high-performance society. And almost everyone, on all sides, is going to be astonished by the eventual outcome, due to this failure to understand the nature of the historical situation.

Raghav Hegde left multiple nuggets of wisdom in the comments section of the post at Vox Day. This was an instant classic:

LOL...I'd enjoy this more if I wasn't so busy. Didn't expect to be given so much attention. Understand this: there is no such thing as "our" or "your" companies. MS, Google, Apple, etc. are MNCs, they are as much American as they are European as they are Indian [...] We are all nations of one, competing as one - as individuals. I hate identity politics of any sort. Anyway, I was surprise by how much you lot underestimate "us" and by that token "me". Doesn't matter, the feeling is mutual :)

So after writing, "you name it, we dominate", he says that he hates identity politics! The LOLs never stop.

It's amusing when such colored people speak for their group when they puff up their chests and talk about how they're so cultured, intelligent, and just plain awesome! As soon as a White person plays the same game, the colored response is: Hey, don't be such a bigot. Race and nationality don't matter. We're all individuals, here!

Vox Day:

Look, Raghav, you don't seem to understand. What you do or say doesn't matter. What I do or say doesn't matter. The fact is that your people play identity politics, the Chinese do, the Blacks do, and the Jews do. Various groups of whites are beginning to do the same, as we're already seeing in Hungary, for example.

And, if history is any sort of reasonable guide, somewhere between 50 and 150 million people will be killed in the grand war for the domination of the continent.

My napkin math for the upcoming global war is 250 million killed. So, roughly 100 million for America and Europe makes sense.


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