The Land of Pure lunacy
The opposite of education

Total Diversity = No Whites

The "enlightened" anti-White attitude of the Canadian government:

According to research done by CBC News, minorities are almost invisible among Ontario's best-paid public servants, showing a lack of racial and gender diversity among the annual Sunshine List's top earners.

The top 25 highest-paid public-sector employees of 2017 are all visibly white and only four women round out the list.

Oh no. It's the dreaded Insufficient Vaginas Problem and the Insufficient Darkies Problem rolled into one. Canada is the worst!

"When we look at public and private corporations we don't see [diversity] reflected in the actual numbers," said Michael Coteau, the minister responsible for anti-racism.

Again, so what?

Visible minority groups make up 29.3 per cent of Ontario's population, data from Canada's 2016 census shows. This number is expected to grow "drastically" in the next 15 years, says Coteau, and the province's public servants need to reflect this diversity.

"We need to make sure that we're maximizing that potential in Ontario and looking for ways to ensure that we utilize the talent pool that's here by combating systemic racism and looking for ways to open up doors and remove barriers," he told CBC Toronto.

The Canadian ice hockey team is also largely White. Is that because of evil "systemic racism"?

Also, did it ever occur to these idiots that most non-Whites have no interest in working for the Canadian government especially when a lot of the public positions are only open to those who can speak both English and French?

[...] Treasury Board President Eleanor McMahon highlights that the provincial government doesn't possess the power to enforce diversity throughout the public sector, which includes municipalities, school boards, hospitals, universities, colleges, and many charities.

Of course, the officials in the Canadian government want to discriminate against Whites to hire more diversity because they're totally not racist.


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