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No love for Malala

Private teachers are going to mark ‘I am not Malala Day’ in schools across Pakistan, unwelcoming the world’s youngest-ever Nobel prize winner on her return after six long years.

Malala will be getting a few more bullets if she stays in Pakistan.

In 2015, the Association launched a novel – “I am Not Malala, I am a Muslim, I am Pakistani” – while banning Malala’s first book in all private schools and colleges calling her ‘a darling of the west and Shiv Sena’.

“We found Malala’s book highly controversial, and contrary to the ideology of Islam and Pakistan,” Ali said in a statement.

“Her book was written at the behest of Western forces who have used Malala for their ulterior motives and it is clear that Malala is playing in the hands of the enemies of Islam and Pakistan,” he asserted.

The separation of mosque and state is a big issue:

“We can well understand why the book has been written by Christina Lamb and what the West wants to portray through this book. We are not against Malala but the ideology being imposed on us by such traitors and billions of dollars of Malala Fund are being used for this to introduce secular curriculum,” he added.

If you buy into the core beliefs of Islam, then Malala is an enemy of Muslims.


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