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Vox Day:

Ingraham's cringing self-implosion demonstrates why it is so terminally short-sighted for conservatives to insist on continually maximizing their short-term interests in exposure over their long-term interests in a solid non-converged infrastructure. This is why I wouldn't accept a television show on Fox News or CNN even if one was offered to me on a silver platter, as while such a show would be of significant benefit in the short term, it would vastly increase my fragility, whereas continuing to build up Infogalactic, Voxiversity, and other platforms will likely prove more beneficial to me and many others in the long run.

The overwhelming majority of organizations crumble under pressure. They will throw you under a bus in a flash to appear "proper" and "respectable". That will surely happen to you if you're candid because we live in an age in which the truth about gender, race, culture, and Islam is improper and scandalous.

Forget having a TV show, it's spectacularly stupid to even show up for an interview with these corrupt vultures. That will remain an issue for most people who, unfortunately, focus on short-term benefits.


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