Four Babes vs. One Harridan
Life in a socialist paradise

Polygamy in Islam

Story #1:

A Saudi national has allegedly tied the knot with four Moroccan women on the same day, stirring a heated debate among social media users, who shared their thoughts on polygamy over the weekend.


There is a questionable perception in countries across the Arab world that Islam unconditionally allows men to be married to more than one woman at a time. However, many seem to simply ignore or forget that taking more than one wife is permissible only under a given frame of conditions.

True. For example, if a married man wants to have two wives, then he needs to get the permission of his first wife. See, women have freedom in Islam.

Story #2:

A woman was allegedly burnt alive by her husband in Tank district of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa after she refused to grant him permission for a second marriage.

"Freedom" has consequences.


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