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Hundred years of quality

I bought my first pair of L.L. Bean winter boots in the previous century. One day one of those boots ripped. I was holding 20% of it in my hand while the remaining part was on the floor. It was my fault; I hadn't fully untied the laces. Too much stupid force!

So, I ordered a new pair from L.L. Bean. They're still going after ten years!

Of course, some people abused the generous policy of L.L. Bean:

L.L. Bean's generous return policy is going to be a little less forgiving: The company, which has touted its 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for more than a century, is imposing a one-year limit on most returns to reduce growing abuse and fraud.


On a recent day in the returns department, Dawn Segars recounted the story of a family that cleared out their grandfather's attic and returned a pile of 20- to 30-year-old clothes. They ended up walking away with a $350 gift card.

Costco is going to be next ...


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