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Won't you feel sorry for this Muslim girl?

Youtuber and social media influencer Amena Khan recently made history as the first hijab-wearing model to partake in a L’Oreal hair care campaign. Witnessing Khan become a brand ambassador and being featured in the hair care advertisement of a global cosmetics giant was a moment of pride celebrated worldwide.

Slave pride! Alas, all good things come to an end:

Consequently, it came as a great shock when Khan announced that she would be stepping down shortly after the campaign was released. This announcement was preceded by significant backlash and criticism that she received for tweets she had made in 2014 regarding the Israeli state, which have since been removed from her account.


Dina Tokio, a fellow online influencer, responded to Khan’s announcement by saying “I don’t think you should step down! You can’t have an opinion now?? Those tweets or opinions did not make you anti-Semitic whatsoever. You are a well-articulated woman and anyone with sense can see that. It’s funny, I wonder if those tweets were the opposite opinion would you have been targeted like this?”


Khan’s decision raises countless questions. Was the backlash she received a continuum of anti-Islamic and racist sentiment that makes it difficult for Muslims to voice their opinion?

It's funny that an entire op-ed is dedicated to this "anti-Islamic", "racist" injustice. Yet, the actual words of Amena Khan are completely absent. What did she write in 2014 that made her quit?

She only wished for the destruction of the Jewish state. Life is just too tough for Muslims who want another Holocaust.


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