Deeply challenged
Liberals support Rape Culture!

The evil Narrative

This "racism" bullshit only works against gullible White people. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and (amusingly) Arabs don't give a flying rodent's posterior about "racism." They all openly discriminate against Muslims in the name of national interest. A few stats follow.

Area = 357,000 sq. km.
Population = 82 million
Refugees accepted = 1.36 million

Saudi Arabia
Area = 2,150,000 sq. km.
Population = 32 million
Refugees accepted = Zero

So, Saudi Arabia, the very heart of Islam, with an area six times that of Germany has not accepted a single Muslim refugee. Syrians could have literally driven in their cars to Saudi Arabia for safe haven. Where is the outrage? Why are Muslims in the West silent about this Islamophobia and "racism"?


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