The Old Slice and Dice

Sweet suckers of Seattle

Seattle just raised taxes on sodas by roughly 75%. Happy New Year!

Seattle residents started the new year with a bad case of sticker shock followed by a sugar crash. A new tax of 1.75 cents per ounce was added to all sweetened beverages sold in the city. The move had public support in June when it was passed 7-1 by the Seattle City Council, but images of regret have been hitting social media as the bill came due Monday.

(Laughs.) Yup, the public supported this.

Where will all the new revenue go? Seattle officials expect a $15 million boost in the first year. Since this was sold as a health initiative, $2 million of that will expand a city program that gives fruit and vegetable vouchers to low-income families. Of course, only $400,000 will go to actual vouchers; the other $1.6 million stays with the government for “administrative costs.”

Of course. You see, this isn't gangsta government theft. Oh, no no no. This is for the health and the benefit of the poor members of the community. These are "good" taxes.

And all those who travel outside Seattle to buy their sweet poison are uncaring, selfish, mean, and profoundly unpatriotic.


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