Life in a shithole
Worshipers of Baal

Prime Minister Die-versity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows little concern over the threat posed by battle-hardened jihadists returning to Canada. He even argues they can be rehabilitated. But documents unearthed from CSIS – some of them marked “top secret” – reveal alarming information about how Canada’s spy agency views the jihadist threat, what they’re doing to track it and their concerns about future attacks on home soil.

The Canadian Liberals simply ignore the security assessments.

“The Service has never before faced a terrorist threat of the scope, scale and complexity of Sunni Islamist-inspired terrorism,” reads an unclassified committee briefing note prepared for an unidentified individual in October 2016.

Canada has already brought in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in the past few years. The government intends to bring in a million immigrants in the next three years. They're basically rolling out the red carpet for Muslims. Soon, Canadians will fully understand that Islam is, indeed, the religion of peace. There's a piece of your daughter there, a piece of your son up there, a piece of your dog over here ...


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