Unacceptable levels of stupidity
Freedom is a White thing

Praise for the God Emperor

Muslim Girl:

Well Mr. President, I’ve got five words for you and your dirty politics: We are here to stay. We are the Muslims, immigrants, Black citizens, Dreamers, women, middle- and low-income workers and anyone else that doesn’t fit your rich White supremacist agenda. We have every right to be in this country because being American is a belonging that no one can take away from us.


I find it incredibly difficult to refer to you as “president,” for your character and actions are not befitting such a dignitary title. But American politics played itself out to elect a man full of hatred, bigotry and misogyny into the Oval Office and the seat you sit in represents an America that I respect–something I wish you had the decency to do.

It's amusing to see Muslims posture and condemn Donald Trump for his hatred, bigotry, and misogyny while supporting sharia which is oddly not famous for its love, mercy, and tolerance. It's the same with communists and neo-Nazis. They freely thrash the US while offering poisonous remedies. Muslims belong in the same category; they're enemies of Western Civilization.

America does have many faults. Donald Trump isn't one of them. The fact that he is so hated by Muslims is a big plus.


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