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Not understanding Pakistan

In recent times Pakistani social media activists of a liberal, secular persuasion have been abducted by agents of the state, tortured then released after a few weeks. Invariably they then give up the blogging business: they stop criticising the country’s military establishment, or the militant religious groups long backed by the army as proxy warriors.

That was true before social media. Pakistani journalists who dig too much routinely turn up dead. The unholy connection between the Pakistani military and Jihadists (especially the Taliban and al Qaeda) has to be kept hidden from the world stage. This way the "poor" Pakistani governments get financial aid to "fight" the horrible Jihadists who, oddly enough, never get defeated. To Trump's credit, he quickly figured out this racket and stopped the ludicrous cash flow.

The lavish aid programme and the sheer size of the British-Pakistani community means the UK has serious clout in Islamabad. Public disapproval from the UK would impose some cost at least on a deep state running amok [...] Pakistan is one of the few country’s where the public displeasure of the British high commissioner might have a useful effect.

(Laughs.) Yeah, sure. The Pakistanis really get upset when their former colonial masters are displeased with them.


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