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When a woman gets to choose

From Iran:

From Syria:

Islam in France

Of course, this can't possibly be due to Muslims. As Qasim Rashid reminds us, Islam shows great respect towards Jews when they're dead.

Seriously, in Europe, the smart Jews should leave for Israel because the dumb Jews will continue to support the importation of Muslims. These idiots are literally in favor of another Holocaust.

Horrible Hollywood

It's almost like all that Hollywood furious feminism is just palaver.

The "good" racism

Come on, Lalo. American universities and many workplaces have been openly discriminating against Whites for decades. Recently, these worms have become more explicit about their seething hatred and envy. That's the same anti-White mindset that holds together the fragile, colored coalition of the Left in the US.

Also, if being pro-White is equivalent to being a Nazi, then surely being anti-White is the essence of enlightened, modern-day heroes.

Fake Muslim shills for Social Justice

It's always rich when a "Muslim" in the West acts all feminist:

"Step back and create spaces for women to speak." How profoundly sexist. As though women are too weak and feeble to stand up for their own space in a free society.

Also, in the septic tank cleaning industry, less than 1 percent of all workers are female. Obviously, men need to rectify this shitty gender gap by stepping back and creating spaces for women.

Not understanding Pakistan

In recent times Pakistani social media activists of a liberal, secular persuasion have been abducted by agents of the state, tortured then released after a few weeks. Invariably they then give up the blogging business: they stop criticising the country’s military establishment, or the militant religious groups long backed by the army as proxy warriors.

That was true before social media. Pakistani journalists who dig too much routinely turn up dead. The unholy connection between the Pakistani military and Jihadists (especially the Taliban and al Qaeda) has to be kept hidden from the world stage. This way the "poor" Pakistani governments get financial aid to "fight" the horrible Jihadists who, oddly enough, never get defeated. To Trump's credit, he quickly figured out this racket and stopped the ludicrous cash flow.

The lavish aid programme and the sheer size of the British-Pakistani community means the UK has serious clout in Islamabad. Public disapproval from the UK would impose some cost at least on a deep state running amok [...] Pakistan is one of the few country’s where the public displeasure of the British high commissioner might have a useful effect.

(Laughs.) Yeah, sure. The Pakistanis really get upset when their former colonial masters are displeased with them.

No love for POTUS

The ignorant monkeys are offended again:

Millennials are deeply offended over President Donald Trump's "racist" State of the Union speech, which he has yet to give.

Campus Reform took to the NYU campus to ask students what they thought about Trump's address, even though the SOTU was seven days out from the time the video was shot. As you might suspect, the millennials complained about the speech that did not happen, branding it as "racist."

It's almost as if they hate Trump without giving him or his policies any real chance.

Another sharia shithole?

An Indonesian province said Tuesday it is ordering Muslim female flight attendants landing in the region to don a hijab upon arrival - or face punishment by religious police.

It's so sad when Muslims ignore the inherent, tolerant, feminist nature of Islam.

Muslim women in Aceh, on the island of Sumatra, are required to wear the Islamic headscarf under religious law, while non-Muslim females can opt to wear modest clothing instead.

But some Muslim flight attendants who do not regularly wear the hijab were skipping the local practice during short layovers, forcing Aceh to issue the new regulations, said Mawardy Ali, head of Aceh Besar district which includes provincial capital Banda Aceh.

Not to worry, flight attendants. Your punishment won't be severe.

Ali said any sanction would not include public flogging - a common punishment in Aceh for a host of crimes including selling alcohol and having gay sex.

What about the consequences for hijabless, drunk lesbians who get caught in the act ...

The perpetually offended

H&M apologizes for Satan Allah on their socks.

Satan on socks

Robert Spencer:

This is so ridiculous. The way “Allah” is written in Arabic, one can see it in almost any up-and-down pattern. Some years ago, a Muslim in the UK flew into a rage and started issuing threats because he thought the swirl design on Burger King’s ice cream looked like “Allah.” And in the 1990s, Muslim groups strong-armed Nike into dropping a line of shoes that bore a pattern they thought resembled “Allah.”

Pretty soon, stores in the West will refuse to put images of puppies and piglets on their clothing designs. Can't offend those "peaceful" Muslims.

Ex-Muslims are problematic

One more:

Facebook is likely doing a financial calculation. Muslims vs. Ex-Muslims. Which market can they afford to lose?

Support Will Caligan

Vox Day:

Today is the last day of the one-week campaign for Will Caligan's Comic, which currently stands at $48k and 675 backers. Since we're within striking distance of the Book #3 stretch goal, we've decided to add new rewards of Paperback #3, Hardcover #3, and The Works #3 for those who are interested.

Now, it stands at $53,626 and 737 backers. It's increasing by roughly $1,000 per hour. Quite impressive.

Canadian Cannabis LPs

A fellow at Reddit makes a useful list.

Like it or not. Here is a list of the total production capacity with a completed harvest by July 1st 2018.


  1. Aphria (APH.TO)
    Diluted Market Cap: 3,763,000,000
    Harvested for Rec: 34,500 KG

  2. Canopy Growth Corp (WEED.TO)
    Diluted Market Cap: 7,593,000,000
    Harvested for Rec: 31,000 KG

What!?! Canopy has the largest foot print of all cannabis firms in Canada. How can it not be #1 in five months?

I take that back. Not so useful.

And the very next day, Aphria acquires Nuuvera:

Another day, another near-billion-dollar deal in Canada’s marijuana industry.

Aphria Inc. agreed to buy Nuuvera Inc., a global cannabis company based in Brampton, Ontario, for about C$826 million ($670 million) in cash and stock. The offer of about C$8.50 a share is 21 percent higher than Nuuvera’s closing price on Friday.

Damn. The battle between The Big Three -- Canopy, Aurora, and Aphria -- has become epic.

Ignorance with attitude

A Swiss youth hostel in the canton of Baselland, wanted to care for three unaccompanied child refugees. The idea was to give them everything they needed for successful integration. The result was disastrous.

The children of Satan Allah are not easily pleased.

To be prepared for winter in Switzerland, the home carers supplied the three young men with winter clothes. But they didn’t like the clothes: “They were disappointed and told us they would rather go shopping at H&M or Dolce & Gabbana,” a care worker said.

The care workers later found out that the child refugees were selling clothes and stolen goods to other parties. Apparently their monthly pocket money of 160 francs (137 euros) wasn’t enough.


Two of the youngsters also received a season pass for the swimming pool, a bicycle and other things, to give them an enjoyable leisure time. It resulted in serious incidents as several women were sexually harassed.

These "child" "refugees" have watched TV and YouTube. They see White infidels with mansions, branded clothing, Lamborghinis, and chicks who drop their panties in a flash. Then, reality hits these "refugees" with a sledgehammer. They realize that they have a small apartment, basic clothes, a bicycle, and hot girls who're not interested in inbred, ugly, lame, broke-ass muzzies.

In other words, forget gratitude -- anger and petulance should be expected.

Won't you feel sorry for this Muslim girl?

Youtuber and social media influencer Amena Khan recently made history as the first hijab-wearing model to partake in a L’Oreal hair care campaign. Witnessing Khan become a brand ambassador and being featured in the hair care advertisement of a global cosmetics giant was a moment of pride celebrated worldwide.

Slave pride! Alas, all good things come to an end:

Consequently, it came as a great shock when Khan announced that she would be stepping down shortly after the campaign was released. This announcement was preceded by significant backlash and criticism that she received for tweets she had made in 2014 regarding the Israeli state, which have since been removed from her account.


Dina Tokio, a fellow online influencer, responded to Khan’s announcement by saying “I don’t think you should step down! You can’t have an opinion now?? Those tweets or opinions did not make you anti-Semitic whatsoever. You are a well-articulated woman and anyone with sense can see that. It’s funny, I wonder if those tweets were the opposite opinion would you have been targeted like this?”


Khan’s decision raises countless questions. Was the backlash she received a continuum of anti-Islamic and racist sentiment that makes it difficult for Muslims to voice their opinion?

It's funny that an entire op-ed is dedicated to this "anti-Islamic", "racist" injustice. Yet, the actual words of Amena Khan are completely absent. What did she write in 2014 that made her quit?

She only wished for the destruction of the Jewish state. Life is just too tough for Muslims who want another Holocaust.

Financially clueless

Many Americans are sorely lacking in knowledge when it comes to basic financial terms, according to new research.

A recent study of 1,000 Americans over the age of 30 found less than half of participants could confidently explain what a 401(k) is.

The research examining people’s grasp of financial terminology found many struggled to define common terms such as understanding what interest is (48 percent), the concept of bankruptcy (48 percent) or how inflation works (34 percent).

It's not just an American thing. Many Canadians don't know about finance as well.

Here, in Canada, if you've never studied finance and you're looking to save money for the future, then these are the basic terms to learn and understand:

  1. Chequing account
  2. Savings account
  3. Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  4. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
  5. Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)
  6. Mutual Fund
  7. Exchange-traded Fund (ETF)
  8. Management Expense Ratio (MER)

That's it. I've met more than one married adult with children who is spooked by the stock markets. So, these people keep significant amounts of cash locked in GICs but since they don't really understand how TFSAs work, their meager interest is taxed.

For example, a woman goes to a bank and locks $20,000 for a 5-year GIC. The interest rate is 3%. Five years later, she gets $3,000. This income is taxed at her marginal rate which is, let's say, 25%. So, the government gets $750.

Had she simply spent thirty minutes to open a TFSA and then locked her GIC within it, she would have kept that $750. Note, there is zero additional risk in this scenario.

Canadians who don't bother learning those eight things lose out on hundreds of thousands of dollars in their lifetime. Ignorance is very expensive.

The evil Narrative

This "racism" bullshit only works against gullible White people. The Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and (amusingly) Arabs don't give a flying rodent's posterior about "racism." They all openly discriminate against Muslims in the name of national interest. A few stats follow.

Area = 357,000 sq. km.
Population = 82 million
Refugees accepted = 1.36 million

Saudi Arabia
Area = 2,150,000 sq. km.
Population = 32 million
Refugees accepted = Zero

So, Saudi Arabia, the very heart of Islam, with an area six times that of Germany has not accepted a single Muslim refugee. Syrians could have literally driven in their cars to Saudi Arabia for safe haven. Where is the outrage? Why are Muslims in the West silent about this Islamophobia and "racism"?

Deeply challenged

Who needs enemies when you got friends like these:

It's called the No Lackin Challenge.

On YouTube, videos of the No Lackin Challenge show people pulling guns on their friends and their friends pulling out a gun too. However, no one pulls the trigger.

Early Thursday morning, a 17-year-old was shot in the head at E's cafe on Union Avenue.

Now, a moment of silence as the future Einstein has passed away.

"Unfit for school"

According to the current state of investigations, the accused and his mother had an appointment with the school’s community worker. According to the community worker, the 15-year-old has got a police record for violence, and was deemed aggressive and unfit for school, and had, for these reasons, temporarily attended a different school. But this measure failed, which was why he now was to attend Käthe Kollwitz school again.

While they were waiting for their appointment, the later victim met upon the attacker. According to the suspect, the victim looked at his mother repeatedly in a provocative manner. This angered the 15-year-old so much that he stabbed a knife into his schoolmate’s neck.

That German teenager is dead. The attacker is fit for prison.

Standards are for White people

Your Brexit:

London’s secret Muslim only accommodation has been exposed thanks to Rebel Media and the Daily Star Hundreds of property adverts on websites such as GumTree were only available for those who are Muslim or of Asian descent.

It’s unbelievable that in this day and age, ‘white people’ or anyone who is not Muslim is discriminated against getting living accommodation.


The ads echo those of the 1950s and ’60s when landlords hung “Whites only” signs in windows. There are fears the discrimination scandal is fuelling a ghetto culture in our towns and cities which could be exploited by far-right groups.

In Britain, when White people want only Whites or Christians as renters, then that's totally intolerant and racist.

However, in Britain, when Muslims want only Muslims or Pakis as renters, then that's just a marvelous, morsel of the mosaic of multiculturalism. Like, duh.

Campaign for Will Caligan

Vox Day at FreeStartr:

This is a special one-week campaign designed to provide work for Will Caligan, a military veteran, a Christian, and a comic artist who was swarmed by SJWs and lost his publishing arrangement due to his willingness to stand up for his beliefs about right and wrong. All of the funds raised will go to paying for the production of one or more comics illustrated by Will that will be published by Arkhaven.


Will is a Desert Storm veteran and Airborne Counterintelligence Agent who attained the rank of Specialist.

Will Caligan survived the battle in the Gulf but he became a casualty of the Culture War. Why did he lose his job? Read the whole asinine story here.

If you want to help him, then here's your chance. The campaign ends in two days.

Not sharia compliant

A woman claiming to be a frequent AirAsia passenger says she’s fed up with the uniforms worn by the airline’s female flight attendants, and called them “quite disgusting” in a letter she penned to Malaysian Senator Hanafi Mamat — or so says Mamat, who claims he received the letter last week and who, coincidentally, had publicly criticized the uniforms in December.

In the letter, which Mamat shared to Facebook on Jan. 14, a woman calling herself Dr. June Robertson from Wellington, New Zealand, wrote that she was “pleased to read” that Mamat was unhappy with AirAsia uniforms, and added that she, too, was “very offended by the extremely short skirts these females wear on AirAsia.”

Yeah, "extremely short skirts":

Say NO to sharia

Oddly enough, reporters are having a hard time finding this outraged Dr. Robertson from New Zealand.

The real agenda is not that well hidden:

Hanafi, who is Kelantan Umno secretary, reportedly said last month that Malaysian flight attendants should wear Shariah-compliant uniforms because Malaysia is an Islamic country.

Zero Fucks Given

A conservative US Senate candidate from Missouri has sparked outcry after bashing feminists and saying he expects his wife to cook him dinner by 6pm every night.

Republican Courtland Sykes posted a statement to Facebook in response to questions about his stance on women’s rights. In the post, he said his wife had “ordered” him to respect women’s rights, but she knows that “I want to come home to a home-cooked dinner at six every night – one that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives”.

Monster! No sane woman would choose such a dreadful life: staying at home, taking care of kids, cooking meals for the family, wearing pajamas all day. Absolutely disgusting!

As we all know, women just love to spend their years working for compassionate, considerate, caring, corporations.

Seriously, Courtland Sykes is a magnificent alpha. I hope he wins.

So much feelz

Muslim Girl:

Several years ago, at 35 years old, I converted to Islam.

It's funny reading the whole thing. She doesn't have a clue about Islamic laws. It's about how she feels regarding the segregated garbage bags feminine energy.

As I began to practice the religion, I unexpectedly felt an awakening of my feminine energy. Growing up in America, I rarely received any encouragement for my femaleness: I grew up distrusting my intuition in favor of verifiable facts, I learned to keep the discomfort of my menstrual cycles to myself and continued on those difficult days as if they were like any other. It was widely accepted by my female colleagues that we would be penalized in the professional world in if we had kids too soon or had too many. I had little notion of what feminine energy was and I was blind to just how hyper-masculine our Western culture is.

This next part shows a complete lack of self-awareness.

In this [Western] patriarchy, as the stories from #MeToo amply illustrate, women have been asked to squeeze themselves into a male-centeric society and way of doing things. You want a seat at the table? Well, they say: we set the rules, and you must conform to our way of doing things, and you must do whatever we ask, and in the way we like it, or you cannot have access to the keys we hold, and if you try to inject your vision, to infuse your essence, then we will stamp that out, we will squash you, we will remind you that we are the top of the hierarchy, and you are lucky to have a seat at the table where a few crumbs might fall your way.

How can the resulting psychology of this be anything but women feeling a deep and abiding sense of unworthiness?

She converted to Islam because it makes women feel so nurtured, loved, and worthy. The Onion couldn't top this parody in a thousand years.

Worshipers of Baal

A wicked mother sacrifices her daughter for a Muslim refugee:

A 45-year-old so-called “feminist” mother in Sweden not only was having a sexual relationship with an 18-year-old Afghan Muslim refugee that she had taken into her home, she refused to report him to authorities after he started sexually abusing her 12-year-old daughter.

Prime Minister Die-versity

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows little concern over the threat posed by battle-hardened jihadists returning to Canada. He even argues they can be rehabilitated. But documents unearthed from CSIS – some of them marked “top secret” – reveal alarming information about how Canada’s spy agency views the jihadist threat, what they’re doing to track it and their concerns about future attacks on home soil.

The Canadian Liberals simply ignore the security assessments.

“The Service has never before faced a terrorist threat of the scope, scale and complexity of Sunni Islamist-inspired terrorism,” reads an unclassified committee briefing note prepared for an unidentified individual in October 2016.

Canada has already brought in tens of thousands of Syrian refugees in the past few years. The government intends to bring in a million immigrants in the next three years. They're basically rolling out the red carpet for Muslims. Soon, Canadians will fully understand that Islam is, indeed, the religion of peace. There's a piece of your daughter there, a piece of your son up there, a piece of your dog over here ...

Life in a shithole

The vast majority of people in the West haven't experienced real poverty. Worse, they've not even seen it. Witnessing the wretchedness provides a lot of perspective:

Three weeks after college, I flew to Senegal, West Africa, to run a community center in a rural town. Life was placid, with no danger, except to your health. That danger was considerable, because it was, in the words of the Peace Corps doctor, "a fecalized environment."

In plain English: s--- is everywhere. People defecate on the open ground, and the feces is blown with the dust – onto you, your clothes, your food, the water. He warned us the first day of training: do not even touch water. Human feces carries parasites that bore through your skin and cause organ failure.

It's not merely material deficits:

Senegal was not a hellhole. Very poor people can lead happy, meaningful lives in their own cultures' terms. But they are not our terms. The excrement is the least of it. Our basic ideas of human relations, right and wrong, are incompatible.

Putting such diverse groups together only leads to conflict. The West will learn this the hard way.

What I did witness every day was that women were worked half to death. Wives raised the food and fed their own children, did the heavy labor of walking miles to gather wood for the fire, drew water from the well or public faucet, pounded grain with heavy hand-held pestles, lived in their own huts, and had conjugal visits from their husbands on a rotating basis with their co-wives. Their husbands lazed in the shade of the trees.

Feminist Islam FTW!

I've lived in the sharia shitholes of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. This is why I fully support the right of any nation to deport its Muslim immigrants. That really is the least violent option available to the West. If that's not done in the near-future, then more blood will be shed fighting the cult of death. The political class of Eastern European nations has made the right decision by refusing to import Muslim refugees. They'll be significantly better off in the coming years.

That famously feminist Islam

It's always amusing to hear that Islam is deeply respectful of women and their dignity. The Quran has explicit verses about how Muslims are allowed to rape their female war captives.

Can you imagine the apocalyptic outrage if the US soldiers were officially permitted to rape the Muslim women who were captured in the battlefield?