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Options regarding shitholes

Fake Muslim has a forked tongue

Time for some rich, premium, Ahmadi bullshit:

(Laughs.) The reason why the Fake Muslim left Pakistan is because he had such overwhelming "religious freedom" under sharia. Furthermore, he didn't decide to move to any one of the other 50 Muslim-majority states. You know, because all that equality and freedom goodness is just too much.

Instead, he resides in the USA -- a country with a 1% Muslim population that he wants to mold into another sharia shithole. That's how you show true love for a country: by weakening and destabilizing its foundations.

Plus, Islam is about gender equality and religious freedom!? That's blasphemous. The guy is openly giving ammunition to Muslims.

Qasim Rashid is utterly shameless, stunningly dishonest, and shockingly stupid. He literally wants to change America into a society in which he and his family would be, at best, treated like garbage or, worse, slaughtered.


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