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That's one savage Syrian

Another sharia shithole?

An Indonesian province said Tuesday it is ordering Muslim female flight attendants landing in the region to don a hijab upon arrival - or face punishment by religious police.

It's so sad when Muslims ignore the inherent, tolerant, feminist nature of Islam.

Muslim women in Aceh, on the island of Sumatra, are required to wear the Islamic headscarf under religious law, while non-Muslim females can opt to wear modest clothing instead.

But some Muslim flight attendants who do not regularly wear the hijab were skipping the local practice during short layovers, forcing Aceh to issue the new regulations, said Mawardy Ali, head of Aceh Besar district which includes provincial capital Banda Aceh.

Not to worry, flight attendants. Your punishment won't be severe.

Ali said any sanction would not include public flogging - a common punishment in Aceh for a host of crimes including selling alcohol and having gay sex.

What about the consequences for hijabless, drunk lesbians who get caught in the act ...


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