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The dumbest prey

Three Little Pigs

Bare Naked Islam:

MUSLIM MISOGYNIST imam Imran Ibn Mansur and his useful idiots in the UK warn Muslim women NOT to give fashion and beauty advice on Youtube. The reason? Hijabi Youtubers teach women that it’s halal (OK) to wear crop tops and jeans with their hijab, and have some of your hair is sticking out.

One has to watch the MEMRI video to fully appreciate the utter stupidity and the vicious intolerance of Muslims. These people think that it's perfectly moral for an old man to rape a nine-year-old girl. However, it's despicable when a woman tries to shake hands with a man.

Anyway, has anyone noticed how these three buffoons have lifeless eyes? They look so extinguished. There is no spark. I feel dumber by just looking at them.


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