Three Little Pigs
Hitler needed a hug

The dumbest prey

The Fake Muslim adds:

Yeah, don't worry Shaykh. Qasim Rashid is perfectly happy with mass migration into the West. So, all those lovely, foreign Muslims who're persecuting and murdering Ahmadis and Shias will soon be in America to plunge knives in your heart. Just remember to say, "This has NOTHING to do with Islam" when they yell "Allah Akbar" while slaughtering you.

Seriously, just how astonishingly dense do you have to be to support the importation of millions of irrational and hateful Muslims? I can see why a lot of infidels support that. It's because they're largely ignorant, gullible, kind, and unaffected by the wickedness of the ummah. But Qasim Rashid!? He bloody knows that Muslims all over the globe hate his ilk! Rashid, the retarded asshole, doesn't even have a basic survival instinct. He's literally in favor of opening borders to people who would gleefully murder him and his family for bonus points towards entering heaven.

The case for zero Muslims in the West gets stronger.


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